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Working on a revolutionary and ambitous project... looking for team members

Does anyone have any interest in getting involved in the ICO effort of this, need someone with some website skills and know how...

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Investment Group

@yuckotheclown80 said:

i don't know if this is possible.
But could you mine scrypt/x11 on prohashing.
And convert the income into staking coins.
And send them to ispace staking pool ?

Yes that is possible. I personally don't own any equipment that I can mine x11 with. My GPU is dedicated to gaming.

Just tried to login to my ispace account and it says email is invalid.... smh lol

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Please Keep It Clean!
Follow GAW SEC Filings

@c4 hard to say but im willing to bet just jail time if even that. I hope from the sounds of this article they do throw the book at him. 17 yrs of time may not repay me per say but its money well spent knowing he is rotting in there.

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General discussion about Altcoins

Might be worth watching since @kdmine corrected me on them being stagnant.

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Everything About Mining Crypto
New Miner Hosting Service!

Great price at $1205 for the new T9 announced today but at 1576w + 7%, this is not for the home miner. We have plenty of space, power and cooling here at ColoHub. Our all inclusive hosting price for this model is $92 per month.

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Newly created site, assistance in other payment options

Np m8. If you've got a handle on api stuff I may hit you up for a bit of contract work in the future, if you would be interested. No timeline as of yet.

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Miner Hardware, Setup, and Network Questions
Spondoolies SP31 Yellow led not blinking!! Can not find machine IP in my network. Please!

@IceKohl This is way off topic.
I'm not a network expert by any means, it's just that when using Linux and BSD one often has to write the subnet mask in various forms. Here's a simple calculator for specifying a network,

For instance, a /24 provides 254 hosts, a /16 gives 65534 hosts and a /8 a whole 16777214 hosts.
More uncommon values are /30 which only allow 2 ips.

Back on topic,
The best guess is that the miner in question is operating on a different subnet mask and can't find the router or dns. Changing the ip configuration of the miner would allow to specify the ip range of the miner, and direct it to the router/gateway on the network.

In order to connect to the miner initially, one would need to change the ip-settings of another computer to be able to connect to the miner, eg change the ip settings from to, if we believe the miner is currently on the 192.168.1.X subnet.Please note the value of the second last numbers, they changed from 0 to 1.

If successfully connected to the miners gui settings, look around and change the ip to or something, see if it picks up the change and can connect, otherwise restart the miner and you should be good to go. last step is to change back the ip settings of the computer and that's all there is to it ;)

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How about

I do not know of any connected with You have taken me back to the year of the alts 2014 though. Clean Water Coin. Just looked up the BCT thread and it's still active.

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Payouts done for this month.

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Scam Alerts and Ponzi Schemes
Warning: is a scam

Please beware that the site is a scam, the real url to the exodus client is and nothing else.

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Antminer S7-LN - $330

@CryptoMadeMan I imagine that to be true for everyone. It's always better to deal with a local vendor than buying from someone in a different country. I'd much rather buy from a national store than import something from the US, if nothing else, than to avoid the high duty fees and taxes.

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Want to work? Need to hire?
who here is a programmer?

@c4 yes I understand and know all about these services I was just trying to find out what kind of skills this chat has

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Discussion about Cloud Mining

@CryptoMadeMan if some hardware manufacturers had a way to improve hashing by ~20% they would be stupid not to use this edge against the competition. Of course they are using this edge and that is likely why they are at least partially resistant against the Bitcoin Core suggested SegWit upgrade, as it renders this hashing gain void.

As the 95% consensus requirement for Segwit stands, Bitmain will make sure that it is never activated. That is probably why the hardcore "Core" supporters are so frustrated.

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Share & wear your favorite brand!
Looking for Crypto Clothing???

@lemegetit Looked like kind of older coins and a bit pricy shirts. You know that teh crypto world moves fast when Doge and NXT seems so 2014 ;)

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Learn more about Cryptocurrency
What is Ethereum (ETH)

@Administrator Thanks! Good way to get an understanding about what Ethereum really is.

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All features about this forum
Hard posting on Hashclub with cellphone

@c4 I tried it too and i agree, ther emust be a module for this.

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Funny videos from Youtube, Facebook etc
Trip to Rotterdam

nice, looks fun

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