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oh wow this thread though

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Investment Group
Any Ionomy news?

Just to confirm, I'm currently alpha testing gravity been playing it for a few weeks now. It's currently on alpha release 3 with one more to go and then it's goes into beta. Everyone that is signed up to Ionomy will be able to download and play the beta.

I would then expect the gap from beta to general only to be a couple of weeks as the Gravity Alpha release is pretty much finished, the focus has been bug squashing..

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Poloniex Margin Lending Strategy

@apmapm12 Well, I'm only lending. Not playing any currencies either long or short positions. I don't have time to watch & time the moves so the most prudent thing for me is to lend the funds for a decent return and let others take the risks.

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General discussion about Altcoins

ZEC lost ~70% just this week alone on Polo.
New updated mining software, higher block rewards, and an ongoing continuous dumping by miners is pushing the price down. I have a really hard time seeing how this might turn around in the short term, more than that people collect and hold Zcash and hope for a major pump some time in the next year.

In the meantime I'm mining some tiny amounts of zcash, but dumping and buying Dash instead.

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Everything About Mining Crypto
Pos mining @

@IceKohl said:

@yuckotheclown80 said:

I've used their mining pools before and was generally happy with it. I tried logging in and it says my user/pass isn't any good. Maybe it expired lol.

With my understanding of POS there isn't anything to be gained here. I may have to test on my own.
If I have 10000 coins in a personal wallet that gains 1 coin a day
If I have 10000 out of 100000 coins in group wallet that gains 10 coins per day my portion would still only be 1 coin per day minus fee I would actually lose out on potential earnings. Maybe someone has some info that can prove my thoughts on this wrong.

Not being able to log in without re-registering it looks like TEK would be the only coin I currently hold that I could use on the site. @yuckotheclown80 can you log in and tell me if TEK is a coin that can be used for this purpose? If so I'll split my holdings and do a test.

Regardless of the outcome, thanks for sharing the info.

They are mining TEK.
But the amount of blocks they have found are 1.
(i think they have a low amount of tek at this moment)

I'm using NET / BEEZ and HYPER for mining.
Just to try things out.

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Newly created site, assistance in other payment options

Np m8. If you've got a handle on api stuff I may hit you up for a bit of contract work in the future, if you would be interested. No timeline as of yet.

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Miner Hardware, Setup, and Network Questions
Spondoolies and Wifi ...

I'm not being clear enough ... I plug in the wifi dongle, the EW-7711USn, that is SUPPOSED to work (per I re-boot as directed (several times actually) and when I go to the network/wifi menu and scan, it shows no wifi SSID (and no, my wifi's SSID is NOT hidden). Clearly, Wifi doesn't work on any Spondoolies device unless you SSH directly into the OS and set something ... but I don't know what.

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How about

I do not know of any connected with You have taken me back to the year of the alts 2014 though. Clean Water Coin. Just looked up the BCT thread and it's still active.

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I am a bit behind with payouts but it will be fine within a few days.

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Scam Alerts and Ponzi Schemes
How to Spot a Scam

Here's a general guide as to how to spot a scam and how to keep loosing money to various ponzis and frauds. Don't let your greed get the best of you! Also a rule that will help you - is there any proof of mining? If not, turn away and go elsewhere!

How to Spot a Scam

One question that remains to be answered is the reason why the public keeps falling for this agelong trick, despite their own previous painful experiences or those experienced by others within the space. Another major issue that persists is how to identify such schemes, for what they truly represent, in the early stages, especially as it relates to cryptocurrencies.

According to Bob Wood, the founder and CEO of Nexxus Partners, scams of all kinds feed on two ingredients to create their perfect storm: ignorance and greed. Wood explains that new technologies are not understood by most people, enabling scammers to twist the facts just enough to include some truth mixed with deception, so as to occasionally fool individuals.

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Antminer S7-LN - $330

@CryptoMadeMan I imagine that to be true for everyone. It's always better to deal with a local vendor than buying from someone in a different country. I'd much rather buy from a national store than import something from the US, if nothing else, than to avoid the high duty fees and taxes.

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Want to work? Need to hire?
who here is a programmer?

@c4 yes I understand and know all about these services I was just trying to find out what kind of skills this chat has

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Discussion about Cloud Mining
Cloud Mining System "Paycoin for the People" ENDS ON OCTOBER 18TH

I just received my Final :( payout.

Thanks for doing this for such a long time.
Good luck on any future project. Make sure that you share them here when you have something in mind.

Hope to see you around.

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Share & wear your favorite brand!
Looking for Crypto Clothing???

@lemegetit Looked like kind of older coins and a bit pricy shirts. You know that teh crypto world moves fast when Doge and NXT seems so 2014 ;)

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Learn more about Cryptocurrency
What is Ethereum (ETH)

@Administrator Thanks! Good way to get an understanding about what Ethereum really is.

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All features about this forum
Hard posting on Hashclub with cellphone

It is really hard to reply to this board on a cell phone. @admin is there anything that can be done? Basically one is typing blindly, without seeing the written replies, if the text is more than a few lines on the phone screen. Maybe I'm the only one posting on a phone, so it's a non issue but it is still very annoying.

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Funny videos from Youtube, Facebook etc
Harmony of the Seas - Rotterdam 24 may 2016



The ship is divided into seven neighborhoods, including Central Park and Boardwalk, like its Oasis class sisters. Harmony of the Seas has 2,747 staterooms, with a wide variety of types, to accommodate (at double occupancy) 5,479 guests.

Amenities include:

Vitality Spa and a fitness center
Splashaway Bay and H2O Zone water park
Three water slides called Perfect Storm as a group
Ten story high "Ultimate Abyss", a spiraling dry slide with two cylinders
23 swimming pools: also whirlpools and two Flow Rider surf simulators
Casino (Casino Royale)
3D Movie theatres
Puzzle Break: Escape the Rubicon; a high-tech live room escape game, for up to 12 players at a time, designed by Seattle-based Puzzle Break, in partnership with the Hollywood set design company, ShowFX.
20 dining venues
The first double-storey Wonderland restaurant
11,252 works of art
Studio B Ice Rink
The Aqua Theatre for diving shows and “3D flying” shows with acrobats
The Bionic Bar where drinks will be made solely by two robotic arms
1400 seat Royal Theatre for Broadway-style shows such as Grease (musical)
Over 10,000 species of plants (including 50 trees) in Central Park
DreamWorks Experience with characters from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, etc.
Two rock climbing walls
Full size basketball court
Zip line
Adventure Ocean programs for children and youth; also Royal Babies and Royal Tots programs
"Voom" high-speed Internet
Optional RFID enabled wristbands (WOWbands) which will provide the same functions as the SeaPass cards

So when do we leave?

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