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Disaster.... maybe.

@kdmine Same make but not model. Doesn't make sense to re-buy a 5 year old mobo. That said, Tossed the raid array and did a clean install (still wouldn't let me image) and was finally able to mount the virtual drive in the disk management snap in. Manual copying sucks but, much better than the alternative.

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Please Keep It Clean!
Hi all anyone still here?

what up old friend

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General discussion about Altcoins
New pools new crypto currency

We have prepared for you three pools of new crypto currency:

Now they are profitable to mine!
Waiting for you!!!

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Everything About Mining Crypto
Spondoolies sp20

buenas saludos amigo sabes que tengo un sp20 y me esta presentando el mismo inconvenientes que a ti te paso, sera que me podrias ayudar si llegaste a solucionarlo, yo no he podido porque no poseeo los archivos de imagen de arranque ni la recuperacion por la via de micro sd. sera que me los puedes mandar aqui mi correo, te lo agradeceria

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Miner Hardware, Setup, and Network Questions
8 GPU mining

@CryptoMadeMan said:

I looked for this and couldn't find it. Can someone post a valid link to buy one of these? Thanks.

the 13 GPU board?

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How about

I do not know of any connected with You have taken me back to the year of the alts 2014 though. Clean Water Coin. Just looked up the BCT thread and it's still active.

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Any news on this project or payouts ?
Can't recall anymore when i got mine payout !

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Scam Alerts and Ponzi Schemes
Warning: is a scam

Please beware that the site is a scam, the real url to the exodus client is and nothing else.

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Antminer S7-LN - $330

@CryptoMadeMan I imagine that to be true for everyone. It's always better to deal with a local vendor than buying from someone in a different country. I'd much rather buy from a national store than import something from the US, if nothing else, than to avoid the high duty fees and taxes.

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Want to work? Need to hire?
CryptoRunner is looking for a writer

Hello guys,

We are looking for a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency writer. The person must be fluent in English and must have deep knowledge of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The job includes articles writing and longer guides of technical topics. The website is new and is called CryptoRunner Let me know if you're interested.

Kind regards,

CryptoRunner Team

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Discussion about Cloud Mining

@CryptoMadeMan if some hardware manufacturers had a way to improve hashing by ~20% they would be stupid not to use this edge against the competition. Of course they are using this edge and that is likely why they are at least partially resistant against the Bitcoin Core suggested SegWit upgrade, as it renders this hashing gain void.

As the 95% consensus requirement for Segwit stands, Bitmain will make sure that it is never activated. That is probably why the hardcore "Core" supporters are so frustrated.

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Use Samsung Rapid Mode to increase PC performance in heavy workload situations. RAM Drives

If you are using Samsung 840/850 EVO/PRO SSDs and are looking for a little more zip when launching/closing/booting/coming out of sleep on your PC then you might try Samsung's RAPID mode in the Samsung Magician program on Windows.

This will not help in 'most' games as they load all level data to RAM at launch anyway. RAPID mode is essentially a RAM drive for those that don't already have/run a dedicated (and usually more functional) RAM drive program.

Going to be working on some image work with multiple programs and the web at the same time? This could help speed things up. I've can see a small improvement on exchanges in chrome but, not really worth it unless you are doing other things at the same time.

Samsung's benchmark inside Magician is a little misleading since it's showing the speed of your RAM instead of the SSD when RAPID is turned on but, I've placed them here for reference.


If you are looking for a little better load times in games, that have to load maps or other stuff more often like GTA 5, I'd suggest looking up DIMMDRIVE on steam. It should also work with most other programs but, there are other options out there that cater more to a 'workstation' environment.

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Share & wear your favorite brand!
Looking for Crypto Clothing???

@lemegetit Looked like kind of older coins and a bit pricy shirts. You know that teh crypto world moves fast when Doge and NXT seems so 2014 ;)

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Learn more about Cryptocurrency
What is Ethereum (ETH)

@Administrator Thanks! Good way to get an understanding about what Ethereum really is.

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All features about this forum
Hard posting on Hashclub with cellphone

@c4 I tried it too and i agree, ther emust be a module for this.

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Funny videos from Youtube, Facebook etc
Trip to Rotterdam

nice, looks fun

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