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AMAZON X TOKEN PROMO AIRDROP | AMAZON X TOKEN (AMX) - Coin straight from the future

We are excited to announce Amazon Exchange cryptocurrency asset exchange and token airdrop with token sale in November.

We have created new "hybrid" X Token Asset based on BTC and ETH technology. AMX Token will be able to use and trade other crypto assets built on an entirely different blockchain technologies thanks to Amazon Exchange xLink innovation.


Amazon X Token is a new "hybrid" Bitcoin and Ethereum Smart-contract asset governed via Amazon Exchange eco-system that uses several blockchain technologies and recognises them as only one main blockchain thanks to the value of xLink.


Amazon Exchange's - Amazon X token is faster, smarter and more scalable asset without mining Fee for transactions. AMX Token is about to become a token with no fee or in a few cases token with lowest fee in the world.

Amazon X Token at this development stage is already performing much better than Bitcoin and vast majority of alternative cryptocurrencies.
Another great feature of AMX token is that it will manage to avoid classic blockchain problems in terms of a transaction delay and lost transactions.


During Black Friday (Nov 24) all backers who purchase AMX Tokens, Amazon Exchange will double the amount of purchased X Tokens.
During Black Friday weekend (Nov 25 and 26) all backers will get 75% bonus of purchased AMX Tokens if there are any Tokens left.


Promotional AMX Tokens will be available to everybody who fills out the form. In best case, we expect up to 5000 members to receive AMX promotional tokens.

Amazon X Tokens (AMX)
Circulation Supply : 50.000.000 AMX
Total Token Supply: 100.000.000 AMX


November 2017: Project envision + Alpha testing +Airdrop
December 2017: Listed on Amazon Exchange, Etherdelta, Cryptopia and Kraken.
Q1 2018 : First profit payments + Credit Card issue + ATM Withdrawal

Twitter :

Telegram :

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All about Bitcoins Test!

HashFlare testet as reliable again - recommendation still from my eyperience. Join me if [interested

Edit, removed referal link

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Investment Group
cryptocurrency is looking ever more effervescent

cryptocurrency is looking ever more effervescent
The bubbly cryptocurrency

New Update Regarding Recent Bitcoin Buble $12,000

According to, the current boom in the crypto market is worth everyone needs to draw attention to, especially those who want to trade, mine and make money from Bitcoin.

The bubbly cryptocurrency

Recently in a report by the Economist, it should surprise no one that the price of bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, has just passed $11,000 and last week it rocked even above $12,000. Bitcoin’s ascent has been dizzying: four days ago it was worth less than $9,000 and a year ago it was worth less than $800.

The cryptocurrency has plenty of doubters, including Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan Chase, a bank. In September Mr Dimon declared that bitcoin was a “fraud”, and that he would fire any employee found trading the cryptocurrency for being “stupid”. Markets were initially rattled, but have regained their resolve. The price of bitcoin has since risen by around 160%.
Bitcoin’s boosters argue that the currency is valuable because its supply is limited to 21m, a number no central bank can change. But its rapid appreciation should still worry all who hold it. What has changed in the past ten days to suggest that bitcoin should be worth $11,000 rather than, say, $8,000? Bubbles also burst.
The bubbly cryptocurrency is looking ever more effervescent20171202_WOC316_1.png

Read Our Daily Bread Devotional For Today

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Please Keep It Clean!
Shady BTCpop loans.

Ya unfortunate that I can really only invest in CoinPro, Dsmillie and whatever CAS does.

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General discussion about Altcoins
Fuloos Coin [POW + POS] [SCRYPT] [NEW]

Mining pools have been updated, start mining today!

Lot more features released before 2018.

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Everything About Mining Crypto

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2Miners - mining pools for Dagger Hashimoto and Equihash coins.
PPLNS pools & SOLO pools.

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Pool features:

Regular payouts - every 2 hours. Complete block reward including transaction fees. Fair reward systems: PPLNS and SOLO. Telegram Bot - rig monitoring (Free of charge for any amount or rigs). Slack support chat. Telegram support chat. Nicehash dedicated port (100% compatible with Nicehash stratum). Pool fee - 1%, Solo fee - 1.5%.

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Pool advantages:

Real dedicated servers located in data center in Europe. (not VPS, not at our Mum's house). DDOS protection. Telegram bots: rig monitoring bot (sends you miner statistics and notifications if a worker goes offline) notification bots for a new block (for each of the pools). Nicehash dedicated port (100% compatible with Nicehash stratum). Detailed statistics with multiple graphs for each miner: round share in %, reward if pool finds a block right now, current and average hashrate, offline workers, 1 hour / 12 hours / 24 hours / 7 days / 1 month rewards etc.. SOLO pools for BIG miners.

We are working hard to make 2Miners an easy-to-use mining portal. We already have some unique features and new rising coins are presented. Please feel free to ask us any questions.

“Our pool fee is not the lowest on the market - 1% (and 1.5% for SOLO). However we really have high-quality pools. Do not trust the pools which tell you about 0% pool fees! They will find a way to cheat on you.
Here is a nice example. Let's compare our pool with 1% fee and another pool with 0.5% fee:
Standard mining rig with 8 cards has 250 MH/s hashing power -> 480$/month on Ether now.
0.5% differentce is just 2.4$ a month or 3.5 hours of non-working rig if the pool is down…
That will not happen to us as our pools are well built and protected. Moreover our unique notification services are provided free of charge...”
@DuDlik_SPB, CEO 2Miners

Slack Support Chat | Telegram Support Chat @chat2miners

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Incorporating Bitcoin

Your site does not work now. However, I want to advise the site Bitcoin Best Buy for beginners. This is written very well and in detail. I think for many people it will be interesting.

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Miner Hardware, Setup, and Network Questions
My Spondoolies SP31 has been down for months now!!!! I need advice & help.

A little off topic, but pretty close ...

SP35 stopped working ...

Not a super nerd, but equally handy with a soldering iron or an IP scanner ... ;-)

Anyway, have an SP-10 and SP-35 (all at latest firmware). Run them in winter to heat the basement, but not in summer because I don't want to generate heat in the house (just so you know).

OK ... enough background, here's the issue.

The SP-10 is running just fine, but today when I fired up the SP-35, the fans keep running up and down (a 1-2 minute process) ... the Enet switch port lights keep searching for a connection and the SP-35 Enet port at the other end is constant green and yellow (no blinking so that's not normal as you all know). The microSD light is blinking like mad (never noticed that before ... new??). Neither an IP scanner nor the "" find the SP35 ... and of course, my miner pool "worker" tab shows the SP-10 is running fine, with no SP-35 activity (which I expected).

My theory is that the "keep alive" battery (assuming there is one) died, and the settings are lost. I don't know how to recover ... assuming I have to SSH in, but I don't know how. Thinking the firmware is still intact, but the user settings have been lost.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.
Agree with my analysis?
Or do you think the PSU fried?
Beuller? .... Beuller?

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How about

I do not know of any connected with You have taken me back to the year of the alts 2014 though. Clean Water Coin. Just looked up the BCT thread and it's still active.

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Scam Alerts and Ponzi Schemes
Warning: is a scam

Please beware that the site is a scam, the real url to the exodus client is and nothing else.

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Antminer S7-LN - $330

@CryptoMadeMan I imagine that to be true for everyone. It's always better to deal with a local vendor than buying from someone in a different country. I'd much rather buy from a national store than import something from the US, if nothing else, than to avoid the high duty fees and taxes.

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Want to work? Need to hire?
Coinmondo is looking for crypto-writers

Hi guys!

We've just launched a new website and are looking for writers to hire. You need writing skills and kick-ass knowledge about cryptocurrency. We need help with writing reviews and guides. The site is called Coinmondo:

Apply on the site.

Best Regards
/ Coinmondo

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How does Bitcoin work? All you need to know!

Hello bitcoiners!

I want to recommend this complete beginners guide on how Bitcoin works (feedback is much appreciated).

Here it is -> All You Need to Know About the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin !

Something that is missing or should be improved?

Please let me know in the comments:smiley:

Bitcoin to mars!

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Share & wear your favorite brand!
Looking for Crypto Clothing???

@lemegetit Looked like kind of older coins and a bit pricy shirts. You know that teh crypto world moves fast when Doge and NXT seems so 2014 ;)

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Learn more about Cryptocurrency
What is Cryptocurrency

Useful video, cool

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All features about this forum
Hard posting on Hashclub with cellphone

@c4 I tried it too and i agree, ther emust be a module for this.

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Funny videos from Youtube, Facebook etc
Trip to Rotterdam

nice, looks fun

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