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Happy New Year 2017

I quote 45th DJT- "We will make our own products using American resources and American hands". Yes I know everyone believes this is impossible. That's why I just :smile: because I know my heritage. There was a point in our history when we produced enough food to feed the whole world just to illustrate 1 example. Anyone who underestimates the power and tenacity of the American spirit doesn't truly understand us at all. This is the rebirth of law and order in America. Forgive us world as we take back our birth right from this scum. They are deeply entrenched in many of the highest levels of gov, academia, etc... We see you turn coats and we see your crimes you have committed against humanity, not only America, but many many other places in the world. Time's running out.

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All about Bitcoins
Trump elects Mick Mulvaney - Good news for Bitcoin?

On a side note I think we already have an all natural cure "mmj".

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Investment Group

@apmapm12 said:

@kdmine said:

@apmapm12 Dude!!!!!

Where's my car!??

And Den?!

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@c4 Ok sounds like Xbox vs. Playstation.
I think Ethereum is better than Gawminers Paycoin (100 Downvotes at old Hashtalk :)) .

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General discussion about Altcoins

Dash has risen to over 200 million in coinmarketcap and has now placed itself as the 4th most valuable cryptocurrency ahead of Monero and LItecoin. It is an amazing climb for the past month and the trading on Polo and other exchanges is going bananas.


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Everything About Mining Crypto
New Miner Hosting Service!

Hi Yes we do have a specialist on site everyday from 8am-4:30pm. We can troubleshoot,reboot and we are currently building our very own monitoring software right now.

As for running off with equipment, that will never happen! Colohub has been in business since 2013, we are real full fledged N+1 Data Center located in Bettendorf Iowa. Colohub's parent company Geneseo Communications Inc has been in business for over 110 years as a Telco and Internet service provider. While our Parent Company Geneseo handles things on the illinois side Colohub this last year started to also do Fiber to the home internet service aswell. We have 40GB bandwidth coming into the data center and being in the Service provider business for a very long time we decided to provide FTTH in 2015 with FibermeQC So if you have any concern of us just packing up and leaving hopefully this clears things up and gives a bit more info on who we are.

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Newly created site, assistance in other payment options

Np m8. If you've got a handle on api stuff I may hit you up for a bit of contract work in the future, if you would be interested. No timeline as of yet.

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Miner Hardware, Setup, and Network Questions
Spondoolies SP31 Yellow led not blinking!! Can not find machine IP in my network. Please!

@IceKohl This is way off topic.
I'm not a network expert by any means, it's just that when using Linux and BSD one often has to write the subnet mask in various forms. Here's a simple calculator for specifying a network,

For instance, a /24 provides 254 hosts, a /16 gives 65534 hosts and a /8 a whole 16777214 hosts.
More uncommon values are /30 which only allow 2 ips.

Back on topic,
The best guess is that the miner in question is operating on a different subnet mask and can't find the router or dns. Changing the ip configuration of the miner would allow to specify the ip range of the miner, and direct it to the router/gateway on the network.

In order to connect to the miner initially, one would need to change the ip-settings of another computer to be able to connect to the miner, eg change the ip settings from to, if we believe the miner is currently on the 192.168.1.X subnet.Please note the value of the second last numbers, they changed from 0 to 1.

If successfully connected to the miners gui settings, look around and change the ip to or something, see if it picks up the change and can connect, otherwise restart the miner and you should be good to go. last step is to change back the ip settings of the computer and that's all there is to it ;)

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How about

I do not know of any connected with You have taken me back to the year of the alts 2014 though. Clean Water Coin. Just looked up the BCT thread and it's still active.

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Something new i never saw before

@coinfairy Yes, because Bareb,one was before and Hashclub is the place wherei put all the info about the site before.
And to keep all things in one place i added a link to Hashclub.
And as you know paycoins doesnt excist anymore i change the previous project to


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Scam Alerts and Ponzi Schemes
Metizer, what a joke

@c4 I treat them more like a game than anything else, never putting another dime into something like this after the big scrypt heist

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Antminer S7-LN - $330

@CryptoMadeMan I imagine that to be true for everyone. It's always better to deal with a local vendor than buying from someone in a different country. I'd much rather buy from a national store than import something from the US, if nothing else, than to avoid the high duty fees and taxes.

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Want to work? Need to hire?
who here is a programmer?

@c4 yes I understand and know all about these services I was just trying to find out what kind of skills this chat has

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Discussion about Cloud Mining
Operation Ouroboros V4.0 - a Cloudscrypt snake that eats it's own tail

new cloudminig
100gh for ewery user

Ref link removed, thanks for your understanding.

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Share & wear your favorite brand!
Looking for Crypto Clothing???

@lemegetit Looked like kind of older coins and a bit pricy shirts. You know that teh crypto world moves fast when Doge and NXT seems so 2014 ;)

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Learn more about Cryptocurrency
What is Ethereum (ETH)

@Administrator Thanks! Good way to get an understanding about what Ethereum really is.

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All features about this forum
Hard posting on Hashclub with cellphone

@c4 I tried it too and i agree, ther emust be a module for this.

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Funny videos from Youtube, Facebook etc
Trip to Rotterdam

nice, looks fun

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