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@Allen1980s I got a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, and is about restitution. Did you get it also? Are you submitting the losses?

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Any further updates?

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Well, the day has come!!!

I could not be happier than to be the one to post this on

Homero Joshua Garza, also known as Josh Garza, has been sentenced by a federal judge in Hartford, Connecticut to 21 months in prison. With three years of supervised release, and more than $9 million in restitution.

PDF: Case 3:17-cr-00158-RNC (Court Documents)

Full Story: GAWMiners CEO Joshua Garza Sentenced to Almost 2 Years in Prison

2021 is a long way off for Joshie Boy. Enjoy your stay at Club Fed! :)


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Ya unfortunate that I can really only invest in CoinPro, Dsmillie and whatever CAS does.

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Unfortunately my father is though...

That said, I'm haven't forgotten my obligation here and will get things squared up as soon as possible.
Hope everyone is well.

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I'll get this month's payout done this weekend. Sorry for delay peeps.

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@wetim No referral links in your posts please.

@Administrator please remove the ref link unless the user does so. Thank you!

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@c4 Thank you

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