If you would like to have your crypto business advertised as a possible sponsor of The Open Door-City Of Refuge please contact OpenDoorCity@gmail.com The Open Door-City Of Refuge is a 24 month old concept project that we feel would fit with crypto vendors nicely and the outreach to our local community should begin and is already past due we feel. If you have a crypto business that can offer any of the products or services that would be needed in such a community outreach, please submit your business for consideration. While the concept was originally conceived as a 501c, developments over the past year have swayed us into attempting the project just as a grass roots effort versus involving government and state sponsored solicitation police. We will accept “gifts in kind” and any other “free will gifts,” but there is no “donate” button. If your business receives traffic and future sales, please remember the mission when you can. Other than that, there is zero charge for having your business listed. Just please be able to not only fulfill the order but give good and timely customer service.

If you would like to start an outreach of the same or similar under your own brand feel free to contact us as well. We have received pledged support from local groups in our area for the effort. The website was just outlined today with zero content but if you take the time to look at the various pages listed you will see that there is room to sell quite a lot in so many areas. We are still very glad to have come across crypto currency with Bitcoin and XPY. We think that virtual currency can play a part in everybody's emergency plan. Sponsors/Vendors will have their own dedicated website as we currently see it. Thanks for taking the time to read.