Pex Peppers (@pexpeppers) was the first Paycoin accepting merchant but it is unfortunate to have learnt that his food blender has broken. He started off making and selling the hot sauces then progressed onto honey. Unfortunately he can no longer make any sauces until he get another food blender.

The ultimate one for him would be a D-Series cutter as at

These are expensive pieces of kit but price equals quality.

I am making this appeal to all you out there that unbeknowingly know because of Pex Peppers starting to sell his sauces, he gave confidence to other to sell also, and he gave a use for Paycoin initially.

He has two websites, one for the chilli sauces and products at and one for his honey products at

There are two ways of doing this, one way is to pre-order some products from either of his websites above, I have been in communication with Garrett and there would be a delay in the hot sauces as this needs to be made, packed and shipped and to begin with right now there is no food blender to get started, but there are big stocks of the honey available ready to ship.

So you can get some nice chilli and honey products as of above adding value to this appeal, if you want to you can also send some something to the address's below - no matter how small. So there is a choice :)

Paycoin: PU7n3edcuvkmLSwY6YfZ6NGhMg8yzTT56P
Bitcoin: 1NrtSQYktrNoLpveMoU2NP3TwtqP5F4jWY

This appeal will run for a week.

This post will be mirrored accross the boards but updated at

Thanks for your time.



@BigWoody - 99.999
@CMvet - 30.000
@Hilz - 133.70
@Krumz - 19.999
@MrShake - 10.00
@rugrat2553 - 55.868
@techman34 - 29.001
Unknown - 5.00
@whocares - 100.001


@Izerian 0.25