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@xpyerr said:

Are you the same Onni Rantanen who went to Pohjois-Tapiolan lukio ja koulu?

No :)

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@c4 said:

Looked like a nice little setup for now!
May I ask what are the larger gray boxes in the video, below your company sign?


Its Spondoolies SP31 machines.

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Hi there fellow miners.

From this moment we consider our service LIVE.
We would like to thank everybody who has helped us during the BETA tests.

We have still some features to come and we appreciate any new feature request that you might have.
But we think the service is working as intended and we can now go live.

People have been asking about miners.
Well, here is the first move featuring our miners.

We will keep growing as people buy from us.
In this location we can easy place a couple of hundred TH.

Until next time….


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´More features ahead

Just wanted to let you know some new features we have added to the site.
First of all we now have a new ticket system for support. This will make it much easier for both us and users to keep track of support.
You can open up a ticket by selecting the Help menu when logged in to the site but you also have the option to send email to to open up a new ticket.

We have also added an affiliate system where you can earn free GH since the free beta promo code has expired.
All new users registering from an affiliate link will get 5 GH free for 30 days.
Stats for affiliate system will be updated, supervised, daily and stats will not be updated live to prevent abuse.


New payment option has been added. You can now safely use Paypal to pay for our contracts.

No more Free beta promo

The free5gh beta promo code has now expired but you will keep earning coins from your free contracts until its 30 days old. After 30 days the free contract will be removed from your account (the coins will still be there).

Still to come

  • Option to reinvest
  • Market to buy and sell contracts

Until next time….


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@Plumpkatt1 ok, sounds like there is an actual problem with the miner.

I am not really sure what the fan sounds like when doing the recovery, I have only done it in place where lots of others machines make some really high noise so I am not sure if it goes full or is just idle when doing the recovery, but I dont think it should go full since there is no mining running.

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@Plumpkatt1 Maybe stupid question, but you are sure you put in the SD in right direction?
On SP20 it should be the metal part of the SDcard facing up.

Also make sure you remove the power cord like a minute before plugin in back in again with the SDcard inserted.

When you do a recover it should blink from yellow to green to yellow to green..and so on then the recover is complete (takes a couple of minutes to do the recover) and you should remove the card and the power cord again and wait another minute then plugin in and it should start up.

I have never had a faulty board on a SP machine, but I know on Antminers it will run just fine even if a board is broken, it just mine at lower speed.

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Have you also tried the SD Recovery? There is two ways of using the SD card, one is boot the other one is recovery (two diffrent images to download from their site)

I sometimes find that SD Boot does not work then I use the SD Recovery and it does work.

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@BigWoody said:

@accumining Just a thought , when you allow re-investments of earnings perhaps allow it in small (5-10 ghs) per time.
So far I like what you are doing, and am considering investing some into this, but as you know funds can be limited at times

hi, thank you for your input.

We are indeed trying to implement a user selected number of GH for the reinvestment option, and also maybe for the normal payment option.

Also we are now going to setup a Paypal account with our new business so we can accept Paypal payment which have been requested by some users. Although verification with paypal will take some days.

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We are getting closer

We are going forward and things are getting closer to live launch.

We have as you might have seen now setup the company Accumining LLC for this service and also started a support phone for paying users (office hours only).
All this is done to show users that we are serious in our attempt to take market shares in the cloudmining business.

We also have revised some of our contracts prices and are now stating the maintenance fee on each contract on the order form.
The fee has already been subtracted from what you get in your earning balance. All earnings are free to withdraw as soon as it lands in your coin balance.

People are getting coin balance now, with their free 5 GH contracts, above withdraw limit and we are happy to see that the withdraw system is working fine. We still handling withdraws manually before we are sure everything is running 100% smooth.

Other news!

These are the features that are coming soon on the site, not necessary in this order.

  • affiliate system where you can earn some free GH
  • reinvest your coin balance
  • market for selling and buying contracts
  • more statistics on earnings

Proof of mining

We are still discussing how we should do this best as there will always be people disbelieving in all information they get, but we will setup the the best way both securing our business ideas and showing we are actually mining new coins for you. One part of this is that we will show you the wallet where we put the rented out GH for our users.
At the moment not all our miners have arrived at the new location yet.


We would also like to thank all the users that have come with suggestions and helped us find bugs in the system, some serious and some just visual. We have given some rewards for this to some users.

Best regards

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@Netzarim said:

In most cloud mining operations generated income tracking in finer increments with graph trending over time is helpful.

Thanks for your input. I'll see what we can do.

At the moment we are trying to setup a affiliate system and also secure the payouts with optional btcaddress lock.

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