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No, we don't get our money back.

If you want to know how things really work here in America, just read the story link below.

Josh and Ross: The Government Doesn’t Care About You
By: Ian Demartino - September 26, 2018

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This category is to be used in protecting our members. It is NOT a place to advertise scammy businesses.

Thank You

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I propose we remove BTCLend from HashClub for the following reasons.

As a democracy, I would request the vote of the members here on HashClub.

(1) No consumer updates.

(2) Unreasonable amount of time to "restore" email support

(3) A basic overall lack of customer support.

(4) Removal of their own forum at:

Thank You

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@dykask Are you using Tor Browser or any other proxy service?

I went through the ban file and found one IP address in your block range. I hashed it out and restarted our proxy.

We want our ban file in nginx to work well, but we don't want it to work too well.

Thank you for the post! :)

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@apmapm12 O.K. Took a look around and found a couple.

I think as long as you have access to send RCP commands to the wallet, just about any script will work. You can use RCP with Paycoin wallet for Linux. (64 bit)

Here is one script: You have the option of a hot or cold wallet.

I installed a demo with no real config just blasted it up so you could see the look of the page.


  • MySQL 5.1 or later
  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • PHP JSON extension must be enabled
  • PHP MySQLi extension must be enabled
  • Crypto currency wallet with RPC access.

I would NOT use a hot wallet at this time. I make no guarantees to the security of this script.
I have posted this as an FYI only. Download the script at:

And another one for Node.js (which HashClub runs on)

So after doing a little research. It appears you can do this. I had never tried, so I did not have much knowledge on this topic until now. After looking over the code, it should be pretty easy for you install.

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Have you contacted FaucetBox about using xpy?

Right now they work on:


Otherwise, I will look into building up one for Paycoin. Like I don't have enough projects on the burner right now. ;)
But it sounds like something nobody has yet to figure out. Processing anything by hand is no fun at all.

Let me poke around and see what I can come up with. Should not be too hard to do.

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@apmapm12 I don't eat beef or pork. However, I do loves me some beetroot!

And I'm not one of those people who go; "Yuck! You eat dead cow?" I really miss my burgers. Now I just make them from local bison, kangaroo, or turkey out of the backyard. GOSH! Those look sooooo good! Did you make them? On cedar planks?

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@BigWoody Yes! You will have to jumper it to make it think it's plugged into a motherboard. I just used a bent paperclip as a jumper. Then you have to use the correct wires to connect the unit. I have mine running like this.

If you just connect it to say the hard drive connector, it may go POOF! I can post some photos of how I did mine.

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I get mine at the local Computer Recycling Center. I just bought a 17' monitor with a 90 day warranty for $10. Full systems with OEM Windows 7 $120. Power supplies for $5 to $10 each.

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