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@xpyerr Do we get our money back?

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@c4 Thank you

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I am still here.

The best thing i can do is to stop this project.

I am paying people in btc but the amount is so low that i cannot pay them out.
The fees are higher then the payout itself.

People are waiting for payouts for long now and i cannot wait for months to not paying the customers out.

So i will announce the shutdown of this project.

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@kdmine Oh that is great. Can you please send me a list?
I indeed forgot to mention the Power Risers.
7 PCI risers per rig.

If you want to upgrade to 8 GPU you need to use this:
with a motherboard with 6 or 7 gpu's.

But i understand from the manufacturer of the Case that i need to do something in the BIOS to accomplish this.
Its is not by default you can mine with 8 GPU's. After some changes in the BIOS then it is possible.
I dont know how.

I hope other parts will arrive this week so i can add my 5th MSI card to my rig.

Cards are so hard to find. Only used cards for new price. :-(

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@IceKohl I saw a rig indeed for more then what i am offering. It has only the case with some risers for a lot of money.
It was a black empty rig if i am not mistaken.

The caser i have is one of the best cases imho i ever saw on the net.

I adjust my price to +/- $1500

And by the way: dont forget the tax rate of 21%.

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@c4 Added some images

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@c4 TO come back to your question ,

Yes i thought that but the problem is the cards, If it was easy to get these cards then i am surte i wil offer these rigs with GPU's.

Its a good idea of yours, thanks. :-)

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@IceKohl What is the price you think is a reasonable price?

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@c4 GPU's are very hard to find now. Its sold out everywhere. I heard from someone who is selling cases for rigs that cards are hard to find.
If they were easy to get i will offer it with GPU. But now it is very hard to get Graphic cards.

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NEW on - Etherium mining Rigs for sale

Today i start to offer a new product on my site Etherium (ETH) mining BAREBONE - Batch 1

This mining rig can have up to 8 GPU's and 2 PSU in one very nice case.

Product specification:

  • Ethereum aluminum open air mining case with capacitiy for 7 GPU's
  • 7x USB 3.0 Pcie PCI-E Express 1x To 16x Extender Riser Card Adapter Power BTC Cable
  • 2x Corsair 1000w PSU Supply
  • 8x Arctic F12, Case fan
  • MSI Motherboard with a capacity for 7 GPU's (upgradable to 8 GPU's)
  • Intel Celeron Chipset
  • CPU Cooler
  • 1x Kingston 120GB SSD
  • 1x HyperX 8 GB DDR3-1600 memory card
  • 1x Multi Power Supply Adapter Connector ADD2PSU PSU board For Miner ETH

Also includes all needed screws for attaching your hardware: power supplies, GPUs, motherboard, and hard drives


Graphic cards are NOT included.



  • Width: 68,0 cm (26.7 inches)
  • Depth: 36,0 cm (14 inches)
  • Height: 40,0 cm (15.7 inches)
  • Shipping weight: 2.8 kilos (6,2 pounds)

First batch will be shipped between 15 jun 2017- 01 jul 2017

Use ETH10 to claim your mining rig discount of 10%.

Visit our Shop now!!



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