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It seems like what i said many month ago is coming true.

From the beginning i said that this is no good. It has the same patters as JGand XPY.
But many users on their slack do not beliefe it or dont want to believe this is a 4 word business.

But as time pass by i deside to stay in the background and watch how others losing their money and let them live in their own fantasy.

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Payouts done until 6 jan 2017

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Advance happy new year 2017_3.jpg

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Trump supports Crypto. Lets see what this will do to Crypto for the coming years.

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Merry Christmas everybody.


Thank you all for being here and supporting this wonderful Forum.



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This was a wonderful day at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Look at the awesome cubic houses:

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@c4 I tried it too and i agree, ther emust be a module for this.

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I am a bit behind with payouts but it will be fine within a few days.

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Its the same story as Paycoin $20 wall.

The same game is going on. I told this before on Slack and some guy there who is part of the dev team get mad about it.
I dont care. Just ask yourself for how long customers are waiting for the Gravity game. Months.

Be very careful. That is the only thing i can say to you guys.

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Site has been updated a few minutes ago with some new information.

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