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@CryptoMadeMan lol agreed :)

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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting this. I spoke with @c4 and its over a yrs worth of emails that are quite jumbled. Im going to post just 1 email of him admiting he stole from us. I know its without context but if u want to go through over a yrs worth of jumbled emails pm me.

But like i say no real context

12 days ago apmapm12

Thats his btcjam


Thats the site he used the 52 btc worth of diem for

Claimed they were funding us

Plus 4k scammed for wallet dev

And twitter ac

Also freelancer ac

And finally google play

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@kdmine said:

@apmapm12 Dude!!!!!

Where's my car!??

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Ok guys about a qaurter of the info has been sent to @c4 ill be waiting for him to review the info and post his thoughts and findings.

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Keep up the good work :)

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Yup i can collect them and put them all in pdf and post here. Same with his accounts etc. I cant do it these next two days as at work.

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@c4 thats the thing there has been none for anyone whos robbed ppl in cypto. Thats y it continues to happen.

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@kdmine true and we can def do that now that the coin is delisted. Truth be told im done with that aspect of crypto. If other team members want to publicaly out the guy they can.

Its just to much to go through. Not to mention all internal emails would have to be released in bulk for ppl to see and make their ownminds up aprox 8 months of emails...

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@Dova we even have emails from the guy admiting he scammed us. Im sure if we had some lawyer who could go after the guy in India, we would have a good case. But def dont have money to make anything happen.

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@Dova yup we did vet this guy. We have images of his id, facebook accounts, freelancer accounts, linkedin, even a couple of the accounts he borrows btc on. Plus a couple user names he uses online.

Now what though? Cost money to go after ppl no? We all knew jg and he was a public head of a company still hasnet got us anywhere no?

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