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Hell, i dont know..maybe a coffee shop? ultimately universal acceptance of crypto would be the perfect scenario

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@chrishaefner DUDE!! you scored big time!! your wife is beautiful!!

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thank you sir

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@accumining Just a thought , when you allow re-investments of earnings perhaps allow it in small (5-10 ghs) per time.
So far I like what you are doing, and am considering investing some into this, but as you know funds can be limited at times

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@chrishaefner Grats!! I hope your marriage lasts as long as mine has. 29 years and still going!!

My advice for a long marriage is simple, happy wife=happy life. And fights will happen, but NEVER go to bed angry with each other.

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@xpyerr it was "freak out"

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@IceKohl how about not changing anything, therefor I wont have to relearn anything :P

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I aint changing a damn thing, I just figured out Win8

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@apmapm12 said:

@xpyerr hey that doesn't look like a bad pic at all :) I've watched Gilligan's island but never got into it per say. I grow up with this one lol Screenshot_2015-07-28-21-35-17.png

Ahhhh the Borg.... Resistance is futile!

who said I would resist a body like that....

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@IceKohl can we edit out his face and put his wife's face on the last pic....

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