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What do you guys think will the BTC/ETF be a good thing or bad for Bitcoin?

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@c4 Ok sounds like Xbox vs. Playstation.
I think Ethereum is better than Gawminers Paycoin (100 Downvotes at old Hashtalk :)) .

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Too less informations on the website. What are this shares? How is the profit made?

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Good to hear you guys :)

Why are so many people saying : "ETH is a scam!" Just because founder sold 25 % of its own Coins?

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Hi, all!

Good to see so much Names from Hashtalk times :)

I lost about 5-6k to Gawminers and LTCgear.
After that i "retired" from Crypto.

But now i am back in business!

I ve found this: ( link taken out ) they publish weekly and monthly reports about their trades and even the worker contracts of the traders are online.

This seems to be a reliable trading company and no payout problems, service is fast and friendly.

The earnings are realistic and not to high like many other scams. (0,4% - 0,8% per Day)
Even with "normal" trading, such earnings are possible.

And yes, they do have an affiliate program.

From the Website:

How do you explain the high percentage of profits?

We use a variety of trading strategies allowing us to make consistent profits regardless of the economic situation. We margin trade during times of high volatility and make profits on both increases and decreases in price. All transactions are recorded and released to our investors for review. Our growing team of professional traders are the key to our success!

Give it a try!

For me it works, since 4 Weeks ;)

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