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Probably the beginning of the end game, all sites either get hacked or have their data centers stolen

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Thought I would drop in again 3 months since last post

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I heard this forum was still alive I was surprised when I could still log in. Hello by the way.

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Lets rip off more people

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So, with the demise of Cryptsy, if Bittrex or Polinex were to die tomorrow what Alt coins would survive, LTC is one as there is a fiat market, however I think all others would be dead. The only coin that has any use is BTC. It at least has some real life retailers using it.

I think no Alt coin will survive past 2017 except LTC, I also believe that unless BTC hits $800 by the halving all crypto will be seen as a joke.

Don't see banks ect using block chain tech as being a sign as BTC or any other coin being a success. If you want to make money find companies that are investing in block chain tech and buy shares.

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Another person trying to break even, Oh well nothing to look at time to move on.

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Wow just like hash points, Yeah Ha!

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@c4 I am sure this is what BTC holders said at 30 cents for BTC. If it looks ok then maybe buy it as it might just be the replacement for BTC

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Well it seems that all forums have failed, if you look at every forum it is lucky other than BTC Talk a response is given within 12 hours. I am not surprised by this as most of these forums sprouted from the paycoin saga. Now each and everyone has their own thoughts on that subject, however the one thing that is missing is an active community. Every community calls the other a scam or scammers, and mostly they are right. Ever since the XPY scam others have continued to promise then steal, it seems a rinse and repeat.

This is why crypto as a decentralized currency will fail, we read articles about banks ect using block chain technology however a lot of people seem to forget this does not mean BTC. BTC has failed and will keep on failing due to it's anonymous transactions were anyone whom cracks a private key can steal the lot.

I hope some day that the community comes to realization that they should of only backed 1 or 2 crypto currencies at least that way most scammers would of been told to fuck off.

Well it has been fun and I need a special yell out to my friend @BITCOIN_BAR hope you all learn to move on.

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