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@Administrator hi i got when i click on twitter, and Forum, hashclub! ?

Can anyone translate this babble?

Here's my take on it:
link text

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Dash has risen to over 200 million in coinmarketcap and has now placed itself as the 4th most valuable cryptocurrency ahead of Monero and LItecoin. It is an amazing climb for the past month and the trading on Polo and other exchanges is going bananas.


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@apmapm12 Good that this gets out in the open, sorry again for all losses and I hope that you can put this behind yourself and move on!

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@Blindripper I cannot speak for others, but a general opinion amongst BTC holders is that Vitalik and Ethereum is it is just a money grab and discredit the entire Ethereum project. Many users like ETH and its potential , equally many probably dislike ETH because it is not BTC.

I lost a lot of funds with the ETH/ETHC DAO hack and forks, so I sold all and walked away. I personally do not have any opinions in the matter, but will not invest more in ETH either - at least for the time being.

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@Administrator interesting, but are you also risking the business of if this project doesn't turn out as anticipated? Let's us know how it goes and keep us posted as you progress!

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@Dan187 these shitty scam sites pop up overnight and try to scam out as much BTC as possible before payouts have to happen. As you see, not a reliable investment opportunity other than for the scammers.

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@kdmine Good luck man, all rewards to those who dare try! If you go ahead let us know how you do! :+1:

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@Dan187 Well, I must say I find it a bit worrisome that you have even considered this scam as a funding method for your investment project Operation Ouroboros Dan. It just pulls down your hard earned reputation! I would suggest that you reconsider!

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@CryptoMadeMan That's a sweet ride you've got there man, congratulations to a really great machine ;)

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Yes this is yet another "cloud mining" scam that promises high returns on invested funds. Metizer is just another fractionally backed ponzi funded by new users deposits. Please keep away for your own sanity and well being 😃

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