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@wetim No referral links in your posts please.

@Administrator please remove the ref link unless the user does so. Thank you!

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@Administrator Thanks for your endless ongoing efforts Admin, and good luck with any new ventures!

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@xxSUPERMANxx Hey man! Yep I'm still lurking in the background ;) Busy as all hell though but i try to keep an eye on what happens here! Welcome back mate!

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@ivylichen said:

@IceKohl. Good advice. Always dangerous to have a fork. What BTC wallets are people using...surely you don't need a full node, right? Jaxx?

use CoPay wallet

Thanks for the tip BTCB, I'll give it a try. I ready to nuke the core wallet into oblivion.

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I recon this just shows how incentives promote a stronger network, rather than relying on some kid with a dsl connection making up the backbone of the Bitcoin network.

We'd see a completely different picture if say nodes where paid for there performance.

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I am trying to get the Bitcoin core wallet to sync. I must say though.... what an utter piece of the trash the core wallet and network is. I've spent three weeks waiting to sync up to the network even with the latest release. I got so fed up that I grabbed a torrent of the blockchain up until mid-May, and wanted to let the client sync the remaining 4 weeks of the blockchain.

Half the time the client loses connections so it sits there idling. It's updating at 0.01-0.02% / hour. So, the remaining time to sync will still take another week. Granted the blockchain is 135 GB. But this is just horrible.

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@Administrator why not put up a picture of two? I quickly checked the website on my phone and saw no pics there either.

A good idea, but have you considered the option of selling the miners all loaded with gpus as well?

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@northernlights Please, one post is enough Northernlights

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I hope your situation clears up Northernlights. All I can recommend is to talk to Baikal's customer support and provide transaction ids so they can verify your payments. Many times it can be the pi- controller that isn't working or the ssd card that is bad.

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