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Happy New Year!

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No worries, know that you will pay as it never happened before.

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Still waiting for the first payment... Still showing as 2016-08-01 on the site.

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I am still alive too.

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Sale script of this site 1 BTC

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@c4 said:

@Credde You are right, corrections are always necessary. It is unsustainable to have assets jump up 30-40-50% on a daily basis for weeks and weeks. ETH and SYS are probably good alternatives in the longer run. At least I have hedged a small amount in both and hope for a nice return in a few years time.

Maybe in a year we can evaluate whether both assets are worth keeping in a portfolio or not.

I totally agree. When the prices especially for ETH slowly increased a lot of people started to dust of their old mining rigs for mining ETH and also some cloudmining companies (more or less "real") started to offer ETH mining alternatives. So of course the demand for ETH must have been decreased and supply increased.

My personal guess is that when price for ETH is at a certain low level people will turn off their rigs again and then price most likely will slowly rise again when supply decreases.

But it is just my own guess.

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Seems like the hype for SYS and ETH have stopped, prices have dropped pretty much for both of them - hopefully it will just be a weekend/temporary drop and not a continous downward trend.

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Sweet! That's really a cool idea.

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Wow thanks a lot @gotram - very generous of you! 👍🏻

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