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It's absolutely a good thing for the bitcoin price as the demand will likely increase. However, it's not a good thing to buy as you expose your money to inflation and will have to pay a fee.

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That is ridiculous. Bitcoin works as money just in the same way as anything else that has "value." This page describes well the differences between Bitcoin, Gold, and Fiat-currencies,

You can also read about why Bitcoin is money and how is fulfilled everything for being considered a currency. Once again, it is ridiculous.

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That would be awesome! I also think their ETF have better chance of being approved haha

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Hello guys,

We are looking for a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency writer. The person must be fluent in English and must have deep knowledge of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The job includes articles writing and longer guides of technical topics. The website is new and is called CryptoRunner Let me know if you're interested.

Kind regards,

CryptoRunner Team

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