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oh my, thats a hit. no vetting and true identities required? He just gets to slip away? ouch man.

anyhow, sup.

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hmmm, what in the hell this be?

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Hey ooooh! Nah just real busy @CryptoMadeMan, 2 jobs atm..

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ya i wasnt sure if it went to the ion o whatever. Well i'll drop in and out of here i suppose, see ya 'round

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yes happy new year, still around and interested in coin. been lucky to escape some of these things last year. hope everyone else made it or recovered! Some one point me to the micro prime setup just for shits and giggles, or giggles and shits which ever happens first..I dont care if its worthless, I wanna set my key up correctly.

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the bull run from $400~ to $780~ returns were quick if you got in march/early april. if you got in last summer the run was awesome. price increased so much, no way folks didnt come out amazingly.

but yes late comers generally in everything end up with the sharp end of the stick.

oh and all payments repaid? rofl.

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@machasm said:

...although everyday I check I expect to see a disappearing act!
It just seems too good to last.

something has happened, the good 'ol hack disappearing act notice :white_check_mark:

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and a suspect posting up a linked referral in other thread for replica site with different design thats already been in place since the new year..ya sure.

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@Сергей-Федякин said in Hashocean Mining:

Site has moved to ://bitsrapid

thats weird because that sites been up since December but its where HO went to?
Im suspect of you and your post. Hopefully one of the sleuths here can confirm the safety of your post.
Lots of phish been going around

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thats a neat lil gadget

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