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Who is left to contact about withdrawing from Zencloud?

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@Plumpkatt1 Bicycle too.

The vid has old version lights. Will replace them with upgraded versions in a few weeks.

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The prototype full working lights in action. Mmmmmaybe tomorrow this project will be done and installed lol.

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@xpyerr did you go through PayPal? Starting a chargeback tomorrow with them. Should not be too late (reference do no chargebacks after xxx amount of days) because there is enough supposed evidence that GAW did fraudulant marketing. This should fall outside the usual timeline? Will find out more tomorrow too.

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Update July 6th, 2015.
Since having recent physical complications lately, hired a lighting competitor to assemble the LED kit for me lol. 5 custom controllers later and one was located finally! Love research and development cause mistakes are allowed. ;)
Utility patent for the kit is complete. Not sure how to set a proper markup for wholesale/ retail pricing. Time for research on this.

The EL Wire was removed due to the customer not wanting to have them permanently affixed (only crazy glue worked) on the bike. Hoping this will be on the bike and lit soon 'cause it's been a long project.

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@IceKohl I purchased too late (1206am) missing they had to be staked also lol.

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Stick around @BigWoody . You are inspiring and entertaining!

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lol. Sucks that never worked out. Made 6" physical hashlets out of aluminum plates and can not sell them too.

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Zenportal gone also? Been 2 weeks since checking lol.

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Missed the deadline for completing the bike by yesterday. Had a new controller overnight shipped and will be heading to Laconia to finish tomorrow. The client is upset so I am making sure they will have the lights operable. It will cost $300+ to fix this delay ( new controller, gas for travel etc) and worth the extra expense to make them happy.

Never will I do EL Wire installs! Over 20 hours went into laying out 33 feet lol.

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