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Ya unfortunate that I can really only invest in CoinPro, Dsmillie and whatever CAS does.

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Unfortunately my father is though...

That said, I'm haven't forgotten my obligation here and will get things squared up as soon as possible.
Hope everyone is well.

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I'll get this month's payout done this weekend. Sorry for delay peeps.

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@Korvas128 I hope you weren't the one that went full FOMO on 6/27-6/28. That investor got REKT. I see support at 27k and resistance at 55k sats using 6hr.


Fibs look to show if price flips and 55k becomes support, next resistance level is in the 70k range. Consolidation phase looks like it's getting close to another leg and will probably pop on announcements.

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August payout processed 0.044 Waves/Share

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@kdmine Same make but not model. Doesn't make sense to re-buy a 5 year old mobo. That said, Tossed the raid array and did a clean install (still wouldn't let me image) and was finally able to mount the virtual drive in the disk management snap in. Manual copying sucks but, much better than the alternative.

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