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I'll get this month's payout done this weekend. Sorry for delay peeps.

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@Korvas128 I hope you weren't the one that went full FOMO on 6/27-6/28. That investor got REKT. I see support at 27k and resistance at 55k sats using 6hr.


Fibs look to show if price flips and 55k becomes support, next resistance level is in the 70k range. Consolidation phase looks like it's getting close to another leg and will probably pop on announcements.

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August payout processed 0.044 Waves/Share

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@kdmine Same make but not model. Doesn't make sense to re-buy a 5 year old mobo. That said, Tossed the raid array and did a clean install (still wouldn't let me image) and was finally able to mount the virtual drive in the disk management snap in. Manual copying sucks but, much better than the alternative.

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Well, just renamed current build back to old build name and now it at least see's the backup. I'm afraid it will still fail sooooo I'm waiting till tmrw after work to try imaging. Will not be surprised if it fails to boot do to raid but, we will see.

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Mobo took a dump on me last Friday. What I thought I had going into my cloud backup is not there. Subsequently I do not have access to either my personal or club hash waves wallet. Passwords and seeds were being backed up and aren't there, along with a good sum of other things I could really use if I can get them back.

So that you know I'm not another scammer, Please keep this address as it is the Club Hash waves account. You can verify that by looking at the sender of your waves payouts. You will see no further action on that account except incoming lease earnings and airdrops unless I can get access to the account again.

Now that I've gotten that out, some good news.
Our investments are fine minus the waves account. I can still trade and lend so I can still try to make us some profits. However I am not going to do a payout until I find a solution or give up on regaining access to waves account.

I HAVE BACKUPS of my system from only a few days before the mobo let the smoke out. I am having issues recovering those backups though. After getting a new mobo/cpu/ram into my rig I tried just a straight boot, it didn't work and I'm 100% that was do to have a RAID 0 boot/windows setup. Then I tried advanced install using system image. That threw an error that google wasn't very helpful with. I'm looking for ideas but I will put mine below and give some other details, maybe one of you beautiful people will see something and be able to help me out.

  • My backups were system images not file backups.

  • Backups were to an internal 3 TB drive which could easily hold both my raid array and my larger single disk.

  • When trying to do advanced install backup drive was connected internally again.

  • I can see the .vhdx drives on the backup drive but windows says they are already mounted and gives an error if I try to open.

  • Oracle Virtual box doesn't seem to like the vhdx if I try to just make a system with it.

  • I'm thinking the drive may need to be external for everything I've tried.

  • I am thinking of trying to unmount the vhdx in disk management but afraid of data loss.

  • I am willing to go to a data recovery specialist if need be as the cost of recovery could not be close to the value that is in that backup

Any thoughts friends?

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