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@pcminer did you break even ? Investment=return ?

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@pcminer Which hardware are you using ? and what is your investment ?
1.8eth per day sounds very good .

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@c4 tech paper copy of a book , refurbish in a professional manner

Sad to see so much of hardwork just to rip people of there Hard Earned money .

Greener side :- Bitcoin community is smart and honest enough protect the interest of the people in general .

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@c4 Amazing !! That's why I have hold on to my ETH supply the concept is amazing plus they have a huge capital which enables them to do innovate and turn ideas into reality like this . ETH ATM in working !!
WOW this would enable people to directly convert there cash to eth !! Just amazing but what is needed now with ETH is price stabilization .

Pro tip :- BUY SOME ETH NOW its low currently .
Price Stabilization is still a problem though due to trading sites like Poloniex where people see crypto currencies as Bets and gambles to double money , Pump and Dump .
Even though I also do it :P but still investor confidence should increase and people should look at them as what they may be in 2020 or 2030 rather than just buying and selling .
These are coins not stocks !!

Currencies should not subjected to so much fluctuation in price this is what makes it risk for business .
It can profit them or give them a heavy loss .

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@apmapm12 hahaha u see that two dots in India ? Thats me lol :P city where the dot is Hyderabad to be precise .

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Sure but I made a sell order of dash in XMR market which was shown as sell order of XMR in Bitcoin market , but I didnt see it and clicked sell and the order was placed for selling xmr worth 2282 bitcoins .

The order was successful for placement in logs and if it would have been successful there would have been some mega dump on xmr .

Yes this is truth but I quickly canceled it I dont know why .

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@chrishaefner Hello , Though I am late for this I help other for the same case if they encounter it as I am pursuing law and I can tell you the testimony needed a lot of improvement before being presented to the honorable judge or jury .

You should have developed your case upon legal precedents and Litigations in your state rather than giving a personal experience with bitcoin and rather focus on how it could have helped people of your state to create more employment and wealth .
You should have shown the jury future 2020 which the state would be missing if they ditched bitcoins and countered the banker by saying that 8 years is not new and in 21st century everything is being revolutionized with the help of technology and would have welcomed them to the bitcoin market as generally Banks are against it .

You could have mentioned that blockchain is not a bank and does not act like financial institution it is lot more than that and enables users to pay online from one country to another without the problem of financial exchange .

Please reply if you view these additions as valuable .

Kind Regards,

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Hello everyone .
As you can see Poloniex is under a DDoS attack .
Though it may easily over come it , a DDoS attack is like a judgement they for each website to determine how many good layers of protection they have to protect the interests of there investor 's and the money in there cold storage .

Can a DDoS be stopped?

Let’s start with the bad news: It is very difficult to defend against a sophisticated DDoS attack launched by a determined adversary.

Many organizations struck by a DDoS are left to scramble in an effort to stop the attack once it has already begun. Sometimes this requires coordination with the ISP that provides network access. This is especially true when an ISP is forced to “null route” a victim – meaning that to protect other customers, the ISP routes traffic intended for the victim into the trash. This of course effectively prevents all access, including from legitimate users.

One of the more well-known countermeasures against a SYN flood is the use of “SYN cookies” either in the server OS or, better yet for network efficiency, in a network security device at the network edge such as the Cisco Guard. SYN cookies provide a more efficient method for tracking incoming TCP connections lessening the chance for a typical SYN flood to overwhelm the stack.

An effective defense against an HTTP flood can be the deployment of a reverse proxy – in particular a collection of reverse proxies spread across multiple hosting locations. A reverse proxy is somewhat akin to a bouncer at a nightclub, deciding which guests are allowed into the party, where the real web server is. By deploying many bouncers in different locations, the crush of incoming traffic is split into fractions, lessening the possibility of the network becoming overwhelmed. Deploying this type of architecture can be done in the scramble after an attack has begun, or baked into the network architecture of a web site as a preventative defense.

The limitation with these DDoS defenses is that if the attacker can generate network traffic at a higher rate than your network’s Internet connection can handle, it will be hard to avoid a meltdown. But what these defense strategies do accomplish is at least force the attacker to get a bigger gun.

Here Poloniex should learn from sites on DeepWeb who fave DDoS attacks at a daily rate but they have overcome the problems of closing there site every time while a DDoS attack occurs by simply making mirrors of there site .

What does a mirror mean ?
It is the copy of the real site .
So say if there is an attack on site A .
Mirror of site A say B will be a fully functional server of the same site A .
If you have 50 BTC in site A there would be 50btc in site B ...... and so on .

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