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Thanks! Haven't been around much lately. I appreciate your work on this.

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@IceKohl said:

@Mrdeeds was nice enough to cross post from talkxpy about the closing so I've got to get that figured out also. Looks like we'll have some IONs in our portfolio soon.

Makes sense. Nothing much else you could do with them.

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Yep. Just have one more set of XPY to move over and then I'm out. There's no chance for it, but this ION could work on the neucoin model.

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I have mining shares there. As far as I can tell, everything has gone well. Tommy has always been honest and transparent. I will make back my initial investment. But, I worry simply because we've got block halving coming up, which at current prices basically makes it so that S7s are barely profitable, even with pretty cheap electricity. So, a bet on cloud mining is a bet on a price rise. But, if that's the case, the better bet might (because lower risk) just be buying and holding btc.

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Interestingly, I never gave BTCjam any info about myself, so I don't get this message. Now, it looks like you have to declare your home country when you sign up. I feel like that platform is done anyway, and they are probably taking heat from US State regulators...notice how fiat versions of these (lending club, prosper) have be regulated by individual states.

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Strange. I've found little to invest in there lately, anyway.

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I think this interview with the CTO is good introduction to this whole deal with the DAO and smart contracts and internet of things functionality.

posted in Ethereum(ETH) read more will soon release it's token, which represents contracts running on the Ethereum network, DAO. There's a solid team here and they seem to be doing everything by the book or even better than the book, since this isn't really an ICO as I understand it, but the actual token, which will go into use through this very sale. Just wondering if folks here have thoughts.

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I was still holding a chunk of SYS thanks to @IceKohl. Got one batch at ~300 sats and another at ~750. Still holding some. But some standing sells I had got eaten.

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This kind of post on /r/btc (who take themselves to be the uncensored reddit on bitcoin as opposed to /r/bitcoin):
is the kind of thing I'm talking about. I honestly don't know how to get good info on this, which is why I'm asking you all.

And of course, just like when Hearn put out XT, all the nodes were DDOSed, the classic nodes seem to be facing the same problem.

This sort of "announcement" from a former XT, now classic supporter:

There's a lot of speculation about this guy, Adam Back, who is high up in blockstream, but trolls have a lot of bad things to say about. Again, I don't know if these things are true. I mean Lenin's reference to the old latin adage, "Who stands to gain?" makes this plausible, but that doesn't make it so.

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