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@IceKohl That's what I was thinking, besides what else have I got to do on the weekend right?:smiley: She was doing so well too! Got it off ebay, not too spendy, OC'd a little but temps were stable low to mid 60's - ran mid to high 50's @ stock speeds - and was chugging right a long around 1.4 to 1.5 TH/s. If nothing else my power bill will be smaller next month!

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Hey all, I'm somewhat to the mining scene, but I pick up quick.
Starting slow and working up to the point where I'm tripping breakers drawing too much
power. :smiley:

I have had some issues but worked through most. I have an RPi running Mate that I have connected 3 Sapphire Block Erupters (first purchase), and an Antminer U3. I followed that up with an S1, an S3, S3+, two C1's and an S5. Being a complete nerd, you guys seem like my kinda crowd, not just helpful, but willing to go out of your way to help people out. My kind of people! I've been working on computers and other things since before DOS, so maybe I can be helpful as well.

So, here's the question: My S5 died last night. :cry: Through my testing, it would appear that my control board has failed. I see that my board has 4 ports for blades. So, the question is, will these control boards actually support 4 blades?

I'm wondering if I should spend $100 on a control board or $150 on an additional S5 and rig the old boards to run on the new controller as well.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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