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@timgatton The one I use is a range extender so initially you have to log in and set it up either using WPS or log into the web interface and put in the wifi password for your ssid.

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I've been using a similar device for "wifi" for a couple years on my KNC perfectly too.

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I am still dumbfounded how Hillary was even considered as a cannidate... being prior military and having a secret clearence we new damned well what would happen if we mishandled classified data. We had briefings after briefings and then training and training year after year and this was low level secret data that really had not much if any bearing on national security. I can only imagine the amount of training and briefings you are subjected to as Sec of State or even as first lady or or or any position she has held over the last 25 years. Whether or not criminal charges should be prosecuted she should not have been eligible to run period! She should be tried for treason imo

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@CryptoMadeMan hey man your the email you supplied rejected my automated tracking update so I sent your tracking in a pm here

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Price doesnt seem terrible but plugging in the numbers ROI doesn't look so good mining anything SHA-256 :( I miss the ol mining days

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I can get these which are made for AR10/.308...only in black currently. Cost is $13.95 shipped.

AR10/M1A/Fal .308 Dual Magazine Pouch-Blk Description

AR10/M1A/FAL .308 Dual Magazine Pouch - Black


  • The AR10/ M1A/ FAL Double Magazine pouch is able to carry two .308/7.62X51 type box magazines. This magazine pouch features adjustable bungee cords for securing the magazines in the pouch. The rear of the pouch features four MOLLE compatible PAL straps with metal thumb snaps allowing the user to attach the pouch to any MOLLE compatible gear.
  • The double magazine pouch is able to carry two .308/7.62X51 caliber AR10/ M1A/ FAL box magazines. The lower profile magazine pouch height is perfect for the 20 round capacity magazines, making the magazines easier to grab and pull from the magazine pouches.
  • This magazine pouch features adjustable bungee cords for securing magazines in the pouch.
  • Four PAL straps with metal button snaps make it easy for you to attach this magazine pouch to your VISM: Tactical Vests, Plate Carrier, Chest Rigs, Battle Belts, Range Bags, Backpacks, Rifle Cases, or any gear with MOLLE webbing.
  • Magazine pouch features metal drain grommets and 2½" belt loops on each side for attaching magazine pouch onto standard belts.


  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 4.5"H x 7.25"W x 0.75"D


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These are the same scammers from XPY... just stop supporting these type of coins and force these scammers out.

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curious what everyones thoughts are on zcash and the crazy price swings since it anyone mining it?

Seems like the team took everything that needed to be changed about bitcoin and implemented it in zcash which seems like a solid idea potentially.

I started mining it with only a sinle gpu and my cpu just going to try and play the swings to increase my mining holding and hold it for a while and see what becomes of it.

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@CryptoMadeMan said:

Unfortunate. Good bye old friend @apmapm12

Its too bad miss chatting and working trades together with him :(

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