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Given the btc/usd difference between BTC-E, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp would it be a viable option to ...

Sell btc on finex for ltc with usd then transfer LTC to btc-e and sell for USD and then use USD to buy more BTC then you had at finex?

I am going to run some numbers and see seems that LTC is fairly stable between most of the exchanges whereas BTC seems to fluctuate by $30 ish.

Any one ever do anything like this with success. Basically just using LTC as a way to transfer funds from exchange to exchange as moving USD is not really a feasible option.

Let me know

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@IceKohl pm inbound

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@Dan187 its a shame that some countries are so restrictive...

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Does anyone have any fundraising ideas that I could use? I am now at a point where I need a decent chunk of capital to proceed with the development of my product and am now looking for investors. If interested in becoming an investor we can complete a non disclosure agreement and you will be brought in on the product.


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Would also like to mention that in addition to accepting bitcoin we now also accept Dogecoin and Litecoin through GoCoin services.

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@apmapm12 hit me up in chat

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Hello everyone, pretty quiet around here....well just wanted to say that my store has been doing well and has changed a lot since my original post. I have been able to add a lot more products. Hopefully within the next 6 months I will be releasing the product that I have been developing for the last year. Also, all of the revenue that my store generates is going towards product development. Can't yet divulge the product details but based on the feedback that I have received from people that have seen it I am getting more and more excited about the launch! Before I launch it publicly I will be sure to post it here so everyone in this community will get to see it first.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you all with, I have access to a a lot of different products now. I will also do whatever I can to beat any price on any products I offer.

Also don't forget that we do accept BITCOIN.

thanks again
Got Your Six inc

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@apmapm12 I would say you public shame him and force him out into the public eye and then everyone can run him out of cryptos, and that is free and will also maybe help prevent someone else from getting f*cke3d

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If someone sends you mining hardware do you have on site support staff that will troubleshoot/reboot/monitor hardware to ensure uptime? Also what assurance do hardware owners have that you wont run off with said hardware and disappear into the night.

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