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@yuckotheclown80 received, bought 1.40472851 Cloud SHA-256 3.0 5 Year Rental

Thanks guys.

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@localfamilyowned why not. we all have to start from somewhere...

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Its a simple bot:

Sell coin (all of it at any price - immediate)
Buy coin using any amount of available btc (as much as possible at any price - immediate)
Withdraw all of that coin to external address.


Guy i hired had problems with creating sell, buy orders. I asked him to upload what he developed so far to github.

If anyone can finish job - great - and name your price.
I can povide cryptsy account with few coins to experiment.
Thank you.

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@Dova almost finished... will be open source... script...

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Cryptsy exchange -sell, buy and withdraw pyhton script

Import private and public cryptsy keys

Sell any amount of 42 coin for btc (sell at any price, immediate)

Buy any amount of dogecoin with btc (buy at any price, immediate)

Withdraw doge to some address. Wait 60 min. Restart

Is it possible. Need help. Thank you.

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@Credde thanks.

Any sha algo multipool you know of?

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each hour, we pay you 5% of the LTC your friends mined (we pay the 5% from our own pocket, your friends payment is always 100%)

your hashrate: 2000 KH/s (your bounty per friend is limited by your own hashrate, in this case 2000 KH/s)
friend 1 hashrate: 1000 KH/s
friend 2 hashrate: 5000 KH/s
friend 3 hashrate: 500 KH/s
Your earnings: 5% of 1000 KH/s (friend 1), 5% of 2000 KH/s (friend 2) and 5% of 500 KH/s (friend 3)

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Hi. Need help.

Is there a multipool with sha, x11, scrypt algos that has referral program.

Only one i found was ltcrabbit (no sha). 5% reward.

Also how does nicehash referall program work?

Thank you.

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Congrats. Keep it up. 2 is enough for me. But yes they are worth it.

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@rackets @xxSUPERMANxx

Thanks guys.

Will be implementing some kind of referral program for miners in the future for Project Rise of XPY. Have not found a profitable way yet.

Current stats:

Eobot   Account.png

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