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@c4 and @mr321 Thank you for your explanations,
Its not only Badbitcoin, but also Bitcointalk, which is the biggest Bitcoin community and forum, they mostly say that all of those are ponzis, as of the case of the majority of cloudmining websites, and the common view is that there is no legit website that offers Cloud mining, as it wont be enough for every sharer !
However, recently, as Bitcoin mining was so a loss of time, many miners were to change their compass toward Altcoins, They are seeing a HUGE price increase, Ethereum, FeatherCoin, Monero, Litecoin, ..... all started with a very insignificant number, and you can witness that by taking a look to their charts ! In addition to this, they are not as difficult to mine compared to Bitcoin, this is why it is mostly advisable to mine them as Alternative.
In the other hand, WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT AFFIRM THAT THOSE CLOUDMINING PROVIDERS ARE LEGIT, so for people searching for a safe way to invest, PLEASE KEEP YOUR BITCOINS IN YOUR SAFE WALLETS AND WAIT FOR THE NEXT HALVING! Risk is though in everything, you should take risk if you want to test, this is investment and this is how it works !

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Because There was a lot of ponzis around in the internet, it was very difficult to judge whether or not Hashocean was one of them: meanly because :

  • It is the most known to have both great income and quite good referral program
  • They are using graphical cards that could not be able to get huge income.
  • Aside of the video they have in their website, there was no other thing that indicates that they really mine.
  • They are still paying with no delays and the ROI(return of Investment) is achievable in less than 3 month !
    But the most used argument was this one:
  • The difficulty in bitcoin mining is going so high to get such gain !

Well, most ponzis that were suspended or dropped paying were saying that they were mining bitcoin ! Why is that important?! Ok first look at what Hashocean have in their website:

They are saying it clear, they are not mining Bitcoins, because simply that should require high performance miners, and its quite difficult. Altcoins in the other hand are quite gainful, lets just take the total hashrate Hashocean has right now and calculate what they could get from it : (From



Those are actually just examples, and as you can see, they can make profit from it, not like mining bitcoins, they are using scrypt for some altcoin mining, not sha256 for bitcoin.

Another thing that I have remarked, though, is that when you choose a plan and pay, THEY TAKE a profit from the operation, since the rate of exchange of the bitcoin in the website is lower than it is in the market, so the take this as an advantage :confused: .

Here is my payment proof, that I receive every day from them:


The last thing that I can add is that they may also lend the money and take profit from it, but from all of that, no one can deny that they have a reputation, they pay, and they still the best in the market!

You can check the link in my signature if you want to get a look to their offer and try it .

Anyone that have other arguments, Comment !

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@apmapm12 Thank you thats even better :thumbsup:

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I have been doing it for a while and its quite good

Here is the pricing scheme along with the profit speculations and return of investment time:

N.B: Yes, The link in my signature is with my referral :smirk: , it gives 5% of the power as a bonus a referred user purchased, you can do it as well !
You'll get 15 Kh/s for free, and even if you register without my referral, but a little free help is considerably appreciated !

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