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@IceKohl I have my miner running at a workplace 24/7 & I'm on a business electric tariff so I do actually double up over the electric cost.

Those Avalon 6 look good & powerful, but I simply can't afford that sort of outlay, & to be honest the S7's are the best value for money on smaller unit purchases. I would rather buy 2 at BTC 4.1 plus shipping on the BTC I've mined. The way I see it, Bitmain are huge in China & I know they won't stitch me up the way Spondoolies did in aftersales service. Bitmain simply have too many customers to annoy in the same way. But that is theoretical in my mind really, could be wrong.

I was just weighing up all the stories we've heard about older rig companies & the promises they gave to their customers. Then 6 months in & the companies had folded, died & no more backup to their customers anymore.

I think Bitmain will just go on & on.

I'm looking forward to it really. I can keep the SP31 going as usual, add the 2 new S7's & I'll be hashing at 13.6Th/s give or take on that setup alone. That will make up for the months of the SP31 being down.

All the best.

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@c4 Yes, I agree, SP are being stupidly unhelpful. And it won't gain them customers. I will never buy another machine from them as now I know you have a time limit on them giving after sales help for any of their products.
Now I really am looking into AntMiner S7's instead, or better.
Thanks again guys, again though if anyone has any tips on the ASIC info I posted earlier I would like to hear it.
All the best.

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Hello again, here's an update:

After much stripping down, cleaning & re heat pasting the ASIC sinks followed by complete gathering the oldest boot image data I knew of from 2014,
I have finally got the miner working again.

After 7 months of it being down.!!

OK, 4 of the ASIC's are not functioning at all, here is what is reported:

1: disabled (Asic all engines fail BIST)

LOOP[5] OFF TO:0 (test serial failed) 15: disabled (serial problem) 16: disabled (serial problem) 17: disabled (serial problem)

Do I have to call these ASIC's useless in this miner now?

It is currently running 4.1 TH/s instead of 4.8 as it was last July. I have set the PSU's to Max Watts 1200 each as I want to see how it runs right now.

To be honest, if I cannot get the other 4 ASIC's working I may go for a couple of Bitmain Antminer S7 due to power to hash rate they quote, which I think is much better than the Spondoolies power to hash rate. I'm sure 2 S7's run at roughly 3200 Watts for 9.5 TH/s over the Spon running at 2400 for 4.1 TH/s.

That is an idea anyway.

If anyone has tips on my ASIC trouble then let me know.

As for Spondoolies, I think they need to respect & support the people who have brought their very expensive products in the last 2 years.

They gave me no support whatsoever over the problem I have had with this SP31.

Their only advise watch check sites like this for answers, which I find quite wrong of a major company producing BTC Mining equipment at a premium price.

I thank everyone for their input here to try & help me out over my problem.

All the best

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I have tried a few ideas & using older boot images too. I always saved what was working at the time before the first crash.

Anyway, & this is even more annoying. I spoke to Spondoolies & said I would like to buy a new Management Board. They said that due to the age of the miner & the fact they are throwing their work into the SP50 range they no longer support any other miner they have made!!!! I find this quite shocking as the SP31 was a flagship model & I think outsold the SP35.

I also find this lack of support by the makers totally disrespectful to all their customers with older spec miners. These were £3000 to buy, ship & pay tax on in the UK in October 2014.

I know Tech moves forward very quickly, but the makers need to support the customers who support & fund the companies future.

Right, I will need help on trying to determine the comms settings when using the serial cable later tonight. Anyone know where to begin when using Putty?

Also, does anyone have any info on people in the UK who might be able to look at my Management Board as Spondoolies have washed their hands of it?

Thanks for the support so far, it's better than the manufacturers that's for sure.

Cheers people....

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@xpyerr said:

@Moore-Grant I'm sure one of us can TeamViewer in and take a look for you if you get stuck.

Cheers guys, great stuff......!!!!

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@IceKohl said:

I use PuTTY for telnet/ssh connections from my desktops/laptops to devices like linux servers, cisco switches and, a couple of other things that use RS232 and it should work for you in this situation. You may need to determine the COM port first if you are using a USB adapter. and you may need to get the following settings from Spondoolies. Bits per second, Data bits, Parity, Stop bits, Flow Control. If you get all that and can connect your login credentials will be the same as a regular login which, if you're using a recovery is probably some sort of default.

I have the USB to Serial Cable from Spondoolies. I will download Putty but will need help in finding the right Comm settings, so I will be asking here too no doubt.

I have tried everything else along with the Boot SD Creation & none of that works at all.

I will be at it's location tomorrow so shall get putty & the Serial Cable all set up before asking for COM Port Help etc.

I will send the info when I am using the SP31 at its base.

Thanks so far people

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I think the replacement board from Spondoolies is $150 plus shipping. I might ask if I can return the old board, have them look at it. If it needs replacing they can send me a replacement so I don't pay import tax as it is fixing a problem. Well, that's my plan at least, but who knows..???

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No, it was all working fine. Then the boot sequence failed so I had to install the SD Boot Recovery Image. Then that failed so I had to keep the SD card in all of the time, which worked for a while. Then one day it was hashing around 4.8THS & mining well, then I noticed it would not detect on the My Miner SP page after a firmware upgrade. So I re booted & since then it won't even boot sequence or connect to the net.
I think fails on the Management Board side of things as it won't even switch on the flashing ready LED's.
I mean, even if a few ASIC's failed, there are 30 overall. Surely it would tell you which ones were down & at least connect to the internet. I am just thinking it would be a long shot for all 30 to fail to be the problem would it not? It would still connect online to tell me that all 30 were not working & could not hash?

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I have an SP31 which has been down for many months now. I had been to busy to try & fix it but I can do so now. I have fully cleaned out the machine of dust, replaced 2 fans & checked it all over & nothing works. I then Heat Contact Pasted all the ASICS to the Heat Sinks too. Still no joy!

I have tried both the SP31 SD Recovery & Boot Disks & still nothing works at all.

This is what happens when the machine is switched on:

Both Power Supplies are working correctly.

It starts, all fans work, Ethernet is connected but no Boot Up Yellow light Blinking, or Flashing or Anything!!

When I use the Spondoolies My Miner site on the net there is no detection of the miner being found anywhere!!! This is incredibly annoying as I had the machine hashing at 4.8THS, or around, for many months & working 24/7.

Now it has been down for so long I do not know what to do. I have the serial cable but cannot get it to connect to either a desk top or laptop PC at all ??!! Do I need a specific software to use with my Windows based PC's?

I know this machine was built around Oct 2014, & used from Jan 2015 & stopped working July 2015.
I tried so many things & gave up due to work etc.

Now I want to get it working again & start mining at full power once more.
Could it be the Management Board as I doubt both ASIC Boards could both be broken??

I cannot afford to ship it back to Spondoolies or buy new ASIC Boards.
I can afford a new Management Board & replace it if it could be that though.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Is there a thread link to similar problems?

Many thanks

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