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Pesobit is now on

Also here is the Pesobit Blockchain

You can BUY/SELL now while it's HOT.

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@c4 hi sorry i have used the wrong link, pls check again it will redirect you to their blog. thanks. =D

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Currently on it's "ICO" stage, which will end on September 15.

Visit their website here to know more

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, PESOBIT is its better version and will be primarily used in the Philippines.

PESOBIT , similar to bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. But it is faster to move and more energy efficient in terms of creating new PESOBIT.

Most currencies inflate and the rate on how many will be created per year is called Inflation rate. PESOBIT is designed to have a 5% inflation rate and having 20 million PESOBITs in circulation to start with, means that there will be roughly 1 million new PESOBITs to be created on the first year.

Interview with Debby Soy, Pesobit representative

PESOBIT like any other cryptocurrency resides in a so-called blockchain. You can easily refer to the blockchain as a DNA. This is where all the records happening to a cryptocurrency gets recorded. Every owner of PESOBIT has the same blockchain meaning – if I send 100 PESOBITs to someone, everybody will see that transfer validating the transfer of funds and update their own copy of the blockchain. With such, you cannot just create new PESOBIT or create a fake transfer of funds.

Visit their website here to know more

To know more about PESOBIT click here

What are your thoughts on this?
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@leader01 Wow! Awesome review! This helps me to be motivated more on my HO. Hoping to lear more tips and tricks from you experts! =D Thanks leader01!

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@c4 Oh ok sir. will explore the site. sorry for that. =D

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This is a great thread guys, I just started about a month ago. Hoping to get help and tips from you guys. Im new to this. =D

Got my 3rd payment today. =D

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