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Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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@c4 I don't know. Maybe people on their slack know wheter or not it's going to be released.
All I know is that there's an Alpha release for some time now. The wales are testing it for weeks now if I'm correct.
Release should be close I hope. Release time should be logic when the big stakers come to an end.
At least, that would be the way I would do it. ;).

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@c4 said:

@Mrdeeds there is also a risk that it will be race to the bottom. Everyone-dumping-while-they-can kind of situation. May I ask MrDeeds are you part of the ION team, or a strong supporter? Any news with ionomy that is in the pipeline in terms of features or functions?

I'm not related to ion in any way and not even a strong supporter.
I just have exchanged the paycoin I had at the time for ion. I just think that releasing the game right before the stakers end is the best way to prevent big dumps.
We'll see how it works out. Not much more we can do.

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Hi guys,

The first stakers that were used to exchange Paycoin into ion are going to expire in about two weeks.
My best guess is that they are going to launch their first game by than to prevent a total dump of doom. ;)
If the game works well and people are gaining interst for it, ion might go up in price.

We have waited for so long now. Why won't we wait a little longer. :)

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I just received my Final :( payout.

Thanks for doing this for such a long time.
Good luck on any future project. Make sure that you share them here when you have something in mind.

Hope to see you around.

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I have used them before for some domain name sales. Works quick and very trustworthy.
Nice to see they have BTC payments also now.

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When can we expect next payout?

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Isn't the most easy way to prevent double spend just waiting for at least 1 confirmation before crediting the btc?

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Well Mycelium has actually confirmed their partnership with Waves in their roadmap on Reddit.
Due to safety protocols and minor unexpected errors in their full node code they had some delayes but they are in their final testing phase at the moment with over 100 test nodes testing the network.
They are ahead with the custom tokens development so they are now planing to launch these together with the full node code. Which is a huge step foreward.
Unfortunately delays are part of the deal with crypto. But I rather have delays than features full of security issues and bugs. We don't want another DAO do we? I'm pretty confident that Waves will do what the promise and that we'll see that back in the price.

Here's some reading about the last q&a of waves' CEO.

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