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Morning all,

As some of you who hang out on other forums may have seen I have been working on a site.


Check it out if you like.

Its a 1 deal at a time store, so you will only ever see 1 or two deals going at any one time.

Shipping is world wide and unless stated postage will always be included in the price.

Deals will change and may range from cloth to laptops to phones, you just never know what will pop up on the store.

The store is still a work in progress, so feel free to check it out.

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Good to see some names I remember.

Seeing as hashtalk has died I thought I would find a new home.

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But first my morning coffee with a shot of caramel. :coffee:

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Its 8:30 in the am and Im almost ready to catch some Zzzz's

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Just thought I would pop past and say hi.

How we all been?

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