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@IceKohl Today is the release of the first game of the Ionomy Team!!!:

Recently ION was added to Bittrex, now 0.29 USD, above ICO price:

The business model is very interesting for investors, but everybody should do their own research. I set up a few masternodes in the past and this is very easy to do.

I think today is day 1 for ION and Ionomy, let's see what the future brings :-)

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@c4 Thanks. I am on a Mac, this is my fist update, skipped the others. When I open the downloaded file it will lead me to my old directory, it seems. Any suggestions how to upgrade?

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@c4 said:

@IceKohl @kdmine sounds like an excellent idea! We could all gain value in helping each other as long as we are adults and realize that there are no guarantees or anything. But with that said, I would love to see the forum branch out in some investing direction. We who are interested in all kinds of crypto would probably see the value of having such discussions.

I wish we could have something like that here, but there is also a channel at, called Lucid, where you may find just what you are looking for. We invest in crypto and have an ethereum mining farm in the USA, about 450 MH. Our portfolio consists of BTC, ETH, DASH, BTS etc. Broyhill is an excellent trader. We also lend crypto at Poloniex. If anybody is interested sign up to the slack and DM me, I will invite you :-)

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@Mrdeeds Mark my words, it's always this quiet before BTC rallies ;-)

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@IceKohl The guy in the BCT thread made the choice to post this just after the ICO, nuff said...

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@IceKohl this might be interesting too. ICO starts tomorrow.

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