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Just a caution to anyone that is using BTER. I made a NXT deposit there 6 days ago and it still hasnt shown up. Support is non-responsive. Chatbox shows others having the same problem.

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They finally have an update. 13k BTC and 300K LTC taken.

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@Dova I was under the impression that it would not stake if the amount in the micro prime is over 1000 if your prime holds 1000

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@IceKohl I will get the Microprime key to you when I get home this afternoon if you are ready for it. Also, if the group has an XPY address I will make it the scrape address for my full microprime. That wont do much but every XPY generated will help reduce any fees.

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I have a microprime that isnt being used. I could export the key and give it to the person(s) that run the show if it would help. I have no plans on using it because it would take forever to fill just from staking with my other microprime and I am not buying any more XPY.

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@XPYDIRECTORY My wallet must have been greedy the day I asked about it.

TX fee.jpg

Just tested it again and it showed the correct .001

Thanks for your work.

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So whats going on with I'm showing the last block was 7 hours ago. And my wallet matched the ledger until an orphan stake. Now its showing current but at a lower block number. Did the hard fork break everything?

It seems like Im not the only one this is happening to:

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Is it me or did the transaction fee go from .001 to .oo2 with the 3.3 update? My transactions list transaction fees of .001 10 days ago. was looking around and about to send a few coins to a different address and it showed a .002 fee now.

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They are supposed to debut their newest Prototype at the LA auto show today at 10am.

The link goes to their gallery at the moment but is supposed to redirect to the live stream of their press conference at 10.

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