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Still alive and kicking....

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@c4 I hear what your saying. So for 2TH using bitcoin calculator 2th will mine per Day 0.00235665 BTC $1.56 at Exchange Rate $663, you received in payout $0.76 Therefore the daily service fees is approx $0.80 per 2th. does that sound correct?

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@c4 Hi and thank you for your feed back it's most welcome, I have invested in a little of all the company's I have said in my message, I done a few calculations and what i do know is I can beat the prices of daily fees of power that for sure by 50% is my target! As then I sure I will then get some support, However storage cost of having them will determine the min amount of gh/s I need to sell, and it may be a large invest to sink into mining if there are no one buying, If I can offer same or hopefully better buying rate per Gh/s and or Mh/s for everyone and not limited just to Sha256, able to half maintenance fees but not the pool fees I need to look more into this, then I am on a win I believe. My big issue is the size of building required vs cost vs amount of machines that have to be offset to the amount of gh/s I need to sell.

Thanks again

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Hello everyone been a while as I do not seem to find the time these days but wishing everyone is well and enjoyed the price increase in BTC. Anyway I turning to you all for advise.

Is there any good sites for cloud mining and would you still invest in cloud mining now the halfing has happened, I hope i don't jump on any ones toes but last time I was reading about cloud mining.

Hashflare was new on the market and no proof of the company
Hashnest was only good or profitable if you trade
Genesis Mining I recall someone saying they never would get ROI.
Hashocean was good but was a scam from the start and sorry whom may of lost there.

Out of all these and from a guess at a quick look is that hashflare seem to be best rate at $1.60 per 10GH, about the price you pay for a antminer s9 last time I checked. However the price of power is the killer 0.008 or $11.20 for S9 if at 14TH/s

My point I am getting at is many mining sites come and go and more so are scams, I know many of you like myself got shafted by GAW, so if there was an option for a much better rate of power would it be worth looking into.

My plans would be if there is not to many road blocks would set up a mining farm not a massive one as I will be limited by draw on our power lines,but I have a good option of buying a fixed price of power again for this year.

I know I can offer a better rate of power usage than what hashflare can, due to the fact I spent a lot of time over past few years in trying to get power from local power company (council) to provide stable power on my block of land. Anyway long story short there was a group of us that won the fight and we purchased our own power poles cable etc transformer, so we own them out right. We signed an contract directly with the country power supplier a min amount we would use and split the cost over a group of us.. Now our local council are playing silly bugger and want to use our power poles to supply power and phone lines to some to other land that now been sold. So we are about to go into battle and work out a deal which is profitable,. Our cost of power is still good but the issue been raised we had to much excess power not used last year and I am thinking of doing a buy back of excess power and use it for a small mining farm but would also increase what we buy now. We did not taylor for everyone to use our power lines and the local power board are just trying to get a cheap ride.

If this works I would look at setting up a cloud mining farm. Now tell me I am wrong and just forget it..

But I also see many people been burnt like myself so I like to see if i can do it and who know a ROI that actually does happen. One main thing I would be open and have clear visibility of whom I am and even look at a buy back rate if possible, just so there is no crying or abuse I may be given. As I plan to mine till the last block if the machines will still be released for mining that are cost effective.

Hackers for web site etc well this still needs to be looked at and at what cost, but I don't have an issue this should be straight forward after good advise.

So I open to ideas and negative feed back, as I need to go in and battle how much power usage I require for another year, we all know these miners are like electric heaters on steroids.
So why not try.

Sorry for spelling I am stuffed after flying for many hours but i need to get this out there as to make a decision to go ahead or not,


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Still no news?

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@apmapm12 said:

@IceKohl We could all get together and get a group buy going?

Yea that's an idea? and create own pull to pull other into?

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Classic Guys, please to see. I still do pop in. Not much going on my end. Summer is arriving and time to get my ass into get and get my old website updated,, any one doing cheap web sites simple let me know, cheep is the word. Now the wife has also created a business in Moscow so that also been needing my time. my old website I wonder if I should except btc or xpy on it not much local call here in Perth Australia but I guess the more its out there the better. Plus Australia regulations (TAX MAN) going to try kill it.

Anyway best wishes to everyone

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Where is everyone hiding now. Hi all just popped in to see how Hashclub are going and seems quite.. Where are you now hanging out?

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I recall using this tool someone made for all,
Oh how I was to be broke after this investment.

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Well if the owner is in Nobby Beach Queensland Australia? Think they would provide better contact details, Common Aussie don't be a scam. (by the way go the All Blacks)

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