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A little off topic, but pretty close ...

SP35 stopped working ...

Not a super nerd, but equally handy with a soldering iron or an IP scanner ... ;-)

Anyway, have an SP-10 and SP-35 (all at latest firmware). Run them in winter to heat the basement, but not in summer because I don't want to generate heat in the house (just so you know).

OK ... enough background, here's the issue.

The SP-10 is running just fine, but today when I fired up the SP-35, the fans keep running up and down (a 1-2 minute process) ... the Enet switch port lights keep searching for a connection and the SP-35 Enet port at the other end is constant green and yellow (no blinking so that's not normal as you all know). The microSD light is blinking like mad (never noticed that before ... new??). Neither an IP scanner nor the "" find the SP35 ... and of course, my miner pool "worker" tab shows the SP-10 is running fine, with no SP-35 activity (which I expected).

My theory is that the "keep alive" battery (assuming there is one) died, and the settings are lost. I don't know how to recover ... assuming I have to SSH in, but I don't know how. Thinking the firmware is still intact, but the user settings have been lost.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.
Agree with my analysis?
Or do you think the PSU fried?
Beuller? .... Beuller?

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I'm not being clear enough ... I plug in the wifi dongle, the EW-7711USn, that is SUPPOSED to work (per I re-boot as directed (several times actually) and when I go to the network/wifi menu and scan, it shows no wifi SSID (and no, my wifi's SSID is NOT hidden). Clearly, Wifi doesn't work on any Spondoolies device unless you SSH directly into the OS and set something ... but I don't know what.

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OK ... still experimenting, but first I did go out and eBay'd me an EW-7711USn ... but no wifi's found ... I'm missing something ... too dumb to know what.

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Guys ... I can find lots of partial answers, and most assume you know Linux well ... but I don't know Linux very well at all. I have an SP20 (2.7.1) and an SP35 (2.6.14), but I'd like WiFi on them. I found links that say the Edimax EW-7711USn and EW-7718Un work ... can someone shed light on this? should it work with these two adapters ... and only these two? I bought a different unit (OEM: TP-LINK, Model: TL-WN722N) and it does not work (thinking the chip set might be too new).

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