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How stupid you think ppl are? No way this one is right. Scam 100%. Bye.

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@Korvas128 we can all promise then to be not calling shill if you will discuss points? If you can do this I will read it.

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@IceKohl I am sorry, I accidentally make double up on one of your points (about play store reviews) because I did not see yet what you write. Sorry for this.

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@Korvas128 thank you for response even if this is main marketing stuffs for ionomy. Anyone can go to ionomy and read same informations for many months, it is nothing ppl do not know. Can you show this where they target gaming community please? is this being successful and bringing so many downloads and gamers now? why is leaderboard of only 60 ppl then? When you say it is slow burner, i will show you what ppl are thinking from play store reviews. You can go and read these now from the ppl who rate this honestly and take time to write review who are not team and not whale and not fake. Do you see any good ones? no.

maybe you will bend around all you can want, but even you will see at last sometime that it is not slow burner or this excuses it is just not a good fun interesting game. No more levels will fix. Team has spent 1 year and your money on this game which is not good. Why should anyone thinks any more games from these same ppl will be better, when this is what happens after one year. I am sorry, for you when this is what you put some money into. That is all.

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@apmapm12 you are right, most positive review are team member on play stores, but also there are many fake reviews also that keep being removed sometimes. Worst is that on apple one USA store there is almost all reviews are fake. This I think shows how many ppl really are interested in this game that was worked on for so long. @Korvas128 you say about it not being for only crypto ppl. I know this, I am not stupid. I will ask you this then which country is this game doing so great in? I will tell you. None. You can see analysis on some services for apps and this shows clearly that it has only made above even top 1000 downloaded arcade games in four country in whole world. You can see also in game if u have it even that the ppl who are on leaderboard so are really playing even has gone down.

Really some truth is that just like the thing xpy io the team has spend a lot of time and some money to make things that are really not interest for ppl who are not in this team or this small group from old XPY. Making this mobile games is very difficult to make success when there are many many competing games. Because it is somehow involved crypto will not make success when all gaming ppl care is if game is good. If game was good or different maybe they come. But this is not good or different and you can see from way few ppl play it or get it.

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@Korvas128 I think maybe you cannot read or have some short memory. I never say anything about Ion and gaw maybe if you look above some posts you will see that I even defend Ion against this claims. I do not vilify the Ion ones for trying to make safe XPY and also I never did say this. You put words in my mouth. Understand this one thing Ion can be not a scam (because it is not a scam I think) but also it does not make it a good investment. For me this one will always fail because whales like you have so many coins and will always sell some you make if it gets big enough for you to be happy. Some other whales I think are selling already. it is unfair for normal users that they will get shited on by big boys.

You say we look how market reacts. Well look how this market is reacted to Ion game being out. Volume down, price down. It goes up by pumps before game by ppl thinking it will be good now they see the product and know it is not. Ppl vote with the feet on this one.

Last thing I will say is like I said some posts before it is strange to me how only whales are ones who talk public loudest about this. This is sign enough I think.

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@Korvas128 said:

Yep the game is finally out although Gravity was pretty much done months ago.

This is not good thing to say. If this gravity was finished months before why is it not released until two weeks ago? You speaking for this project like this makes it sound lazy.

Gravity is due an update this week and their second game To the Moon is due to soon enter Alpha.

This second one, will this be ready soon for them to hold on to in private for many months to? Will it be one game every month or is this now told as lie? If it only goes to alpha soon this will take longer than one month I think. It is lucky not so many are aware of this one. This team does not run this project well and gravity game is bad when you can think it was being prepared for most of one year to be ready. This is real reason there is not so many ppl as you want using this game and why u need to come here to talk it.

I will also warn ppl reading that this man korvas128 is one of those whales so he will be only making good noises so he makes his money.

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It is interesting to me that only ones who speak most loudly outside of slack places are all whales. This voices should be taken with caution as they have very biased agenda when have invested heavy from old times, even before the Ion was in existence. these ones have many coins to sell to ppl with less knowledge if they do come. I am not meaning to offend but it is the truth that they have been making coins for near to a year so they hold many and must be groaning with impatient to see profit soon.

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@kdmine thank you for these links. First link is just link to big XPY thing on bitcointalk, maybe did you mean to link to one post in there instead? I can say I do not understand your point if you say this thread is the proofs of matlacks and ionomy being link to gaw, this long thread is all most about Garza not matlacks. And second link. This has wrong information in it. It does not make important the difference between gaw and paycoin foundation. Paycoin foundation volunteers to help paycoin be better when Garza leaves it. By this logic I could also say you also who were a volunteer moderation on hashtalk also were involved in paycoin, no? And then because many do not see difference from gaw to just paycoin they then only see that you have worked for gaw. I am sorry for my English, i hope you can understand.

I can agree about masternodes and way ionomy is doing it with these will mean it will be hard for being good for anyone but early big investors because these ones will always make more and more coins and will sell them to make money as this is what makes them involved in project. I think my problems with it is that team seem to not understand business and be very young thinking is issue one and issue two for me is that I don't think this team understand difficulty whales will bring to this down the road. It is wrong to have two levels of user in this way in crypto project and will mess it up in the end, I think.

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@CryptoMadeMan @kdmine I would be interested to find any information you are having to say that the leaders of ionomy were also involved before in the XPY. I looked a lot at as many information I could find and found only that Matlacks was leader of the team XPY and I think also he was taken for much money by the Gaw ppl. The team XPY was not gaw and also I think did not have parts of making the fraud. Maybe you can correct this and show the places I can see if it is otherwise because this is important point and many ppl on the ionomy will be need to know this.

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