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i was gonna spend a few ETH on some DAO on polo but it said something weird then i backed out lol

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oh man he helped point me towards the nicehash thing i just can't run it full time util such time as i get a power supply for the other dell. ap said something about payouts and i think buying into something or another but man seriously i am dead to rights dumb as fuck when it comes to this shit, ya got a forums that needs moderating then i am all in lol
I need some education on this stuff if i am to mine for something which i have no idea what i am mining at this point lol clue me in someone ..please

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Not sure what i have to do here lol ok so as per apmapm12 instructions i downloaded the nice miner thing, so where does my 3 cents per day go to? if we had 100 miners what would we invest in? I'm slow, old and don't know this stuff lol i have been around since 2011 or there abouts with bitcoins but not mining so what the hell is goin on here lol i've no clue what i am doing or where this 3 cents goes to and are we investing this dust into something also what are the payouts based upon? sorry like i said i need educated on this and that will take some time and patience from you all so start splainin lucy lol

anyway, until i get a power supply for this old dell lappy i cannot dedicate my only machine to this, please understand.

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@Administrator said:

Hello Members,

As you all have noticed the site was down for a long while yesterday.

After some fixes with the help of @xpyerr and @Krumz and Jordi the site is up and running again.

It seems like i messed it up yesterday while i was installing some plugins. My fault guys.

But now it is all up ad running.

Best regards,


Thank you :)

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+1 for that tremendous name, mate!

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Oh i LUUUUUVs me some sgepetti :D
How about the benefits of Garlic? :p

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You are a God among men! (Just in case you're not a man: You're the Goddess!)
Heck yeah i'll take a look at that place. You guys here really are pretty nice, a breath of fresh air, if you will. Thank you all for being so hospitable :)


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Google Ratings ;)

Well lets talk :P

I really like to talk and sometimes i get long winded.

Anyone be interested in a PGP tutorial for windows users?

Handshakes all around the room :)

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oh you're still at zero @kdmine any website builders able to assist?

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@apmapm12 said:

@UserOnline u got 124 so far ur a big dog ☺


WOOT look at that! :)
Would anyone be interested in a PGP Tutorial for windows users?


What happened? The site was goin wonky lol


Is this like a WP site?

Chat box does not seem to be working right

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