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Well, the day has come!!!

I could not be happier than to be the one to post this on

Homero Joshua Garza, also known as Josh Garza, has been sentenced by a federal judge in Hartford, Connecticut to 21 months in prison. With three years of supervised release, and more than $9 million in restitution.

PDF: Case 3:17-cr-00158-RNC (Court Documents)

Full Story: GAWMiners CEO Joshua Garza Sentenced to Almost 2 Years in Prison

2021 is a long way off for Joshie Boy. Enjoy your stay at Club Fed! :)


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@CryptoMadeMan I did all that a bit ago. I took it off. The sites I build with Netscape Composer using image ALT tags have the highest ranking around. I hate using WordPress. The only reason I used it was for the booking rooms plugin, etc.. Seeing how there are only two motels here, I think I'm listed good in Google search for my area. There are only like 750 people in the entire town. More of a retirement than a money maker.

I do thank you for the info.. Are you talking about installing Yoast SEO?

Anyway, how the heck have you been? We used to chat allot on HashTalk. Glad to see you still here. :)

Yes, we are about 50 miles east of Branson on 160. Come on down and say hello (FREE STAY).

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Hey @C4, @apmapm12 and @CryptoMadeMan

Good to see you all still on here. :smiley:

Sorry I have been dark. I moved to the middle of nowhere (Ozark Mountains, Missouri USA) and started another business ( . Been busy putting this place back together, and still working my coffee business.

Hope to be on here more often now that things are coming together with the motel and RV Park. If any of you get down my way, please be sure to contact me for a no charge stay. We have some great fishing and hunting here.


Again, it's so great to see you here. :)

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I will be closing the website on or about; Tuesday May 9th, 2017.

A huge THANK YOU to all who participated in the project!!!

With XPY at $0.0063. I see no reason to keep the project going.

The users who supported the project were amazing. I hope to work with you all again very soon.

Thank You :bowtie:

Robert Russell
Bullseye Services LLC (xpyerr)

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@chrishaefner said:

Does anyone know what that red flashing light by the ethernet connection means?

If the miner can’t find IP, or the red light is flashing (and green light does not shine). You need to test the cable and the settings which connect you to the Internet (Router, DHCP, etc..) I would be happy to TeamViewer in and look at and maybe fix it like I have done in the past. :)

I have seen some Internet issues where people have simply failed to push the cable in all the way until they hear the click of the cable locking all the way in on both ends.

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  1. The firmware is suitable for all batches of S9. Please keep the settings when you upgrade the firmware.

  2. The new firmware didn' t support batch upgrading. Please upgrade the firmware for your miner one by one!!!

  3. For these three versions: 11.85T/12.93T/14T of S9, the frequency of the miner needs to be configured manually to match the default frequency of the miner. Otherwise, the miner cannot work normally.


The frequency of the S9 11.85T should be set to 550M

The frequency of the S9 12.93T should be set to 600M

The frequency of the S9 14T should be set to 650M

  1. There is only one opportunity to configure the frequency of the miner each time you upgrade the firmware. If you want to reset the frequency, you have to clear the configuration and upgrade again. After upgrading, you are allowed to reset the frequency.

  2. For later versions of S9, the customer doesn’t need to set the frequency manually. The frequency will be automatically configured by the firmware. The customer can decide whether or not to keep the settings when upgrading.

  3. The latest firmware is different from the earlier version. If you have any problem/question about the new firmware, contact Support at:

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@chrishaefner I love it! I often heat rooms with mine as well. :)

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I have been out of the loop. However, I'm back!

Happy 2017 Everyone! Wishing you all a happy and profitable New Year!!! :)

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Antminer S7-LN - $330

I have been out of the loop as far as mining. But saw this sale and thought I would post it.

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