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Got stuck.

Bought a 500 H$ miner, put my free and my new one miner into a warehouse, need to pay the bills before it started to earn some money. Cannot restart them as i do not have any money to pay the bill. Cannot pay the bill as the miners are off.

Did you see the problem ? This game sucks.

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@kdmine said:

@flashhh12 apparently this is just a game and not real mining :-1: If you read the splash screen it pops up real fast and says its all fake....unless im missing something :(


Yes, when it is written game into the title it means game :).

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@sylph93 I do not have any other intel. I cannot tell you more. Just wait and see.

Il they don't burn XPY they will loose their coins as soon it will be launched.

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@sylph93 Contact people and look at the blockchain.

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@IceKohl With a lot of noises :)

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@kdmine 3x r280x => 2.67281 Eth/day :)

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@IceKohl said:

@c4 I try to keep it open and the alarm on whenever I'm at my desktop so that I hit it every 15 mins.

This website is good for that, it is brand new.

(This is not mine website)

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@IceKohl I'm on HashFlare too. Since now, they are paying without any issues.

The pros:

  • They allow you to choose your pool on a predefined list of pool but i don't think it is working.
    I got 0.00168869 BTC / day with 250 Gh/s Sha256
    I got 0.00020745 BTC / day with 2 Mh/s Scrypt

  • I don't know the fees per algo but i am currently paying 0.00065550 BTC / day as maintenance. IMO the maintenance for Scrypt is higher than the sha256.

  • The support is responding fast. There is a referral program (fell free to use mine).

  • You can set you withdrawal address and your account will be frozen during two weeks if the address is changed. If you check your account at least 1 time / week there is no reason a hacker will steel your BTC as you can check the address.

  • There is 2FA.

  • Costs (10/12/2015)
    0.10827804 => 100 Gh/s Sha256 => 0.00108278 / Gh/s
    0.21655608 => 10 Mh/s Scrypt => 0.02165560 / Mh/s

  • They started in May 2015 and they are still here

The cons:

  • There is no way-back, you can't resell what you bought. You are here until the end.
  • They are not transparent with the maintenance fees as all the fees are regrouped.
  • You can set a pool but there is no proof of real working feature
  • I don't know if there is a proof of their hashing power
  • It appear that there is no hard limit of selling Hashing power

IMO : do only sha256 if you plan to do business with Hashflare.

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