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Any news on this project or payouts ?
Can't recall anymore when i got mine payout !

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i don't know if this is possible.
But could you mine scrypt/x11 on prohashing.
And convert the income into staking coins.
And send them to ispace staking pool ?

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Added some mining for nicehash.
Hope it will help a bit.

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@apmapm12 said:

Would love to get other's to join the group hashclub mining again. This is from my pc so far with not full 2 days mining ( broken up hrs as was gaming ) . This could be a very good way to consistently add money to our program and increase the rewards for those participating.

Can support you with mining every sunday.
Only thing is, i only mine with the cpu.
And at this moment, it earns 7 cents a day :laughing:

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@IceKohl said:

@yuckotheclown80 said:

I've used their mining pools before and was generally happy with it. I tried logging in and it says my user/pass isn't any good. Maybe it expired lol.

With my understanding of POS there isn't anything to be gained here. I may have to test on my own.
If I have 10000 coins in a personal wallet that gains 1 coin a day
If I have 10000 out of 100000 coins in group wallet that gains 10 coins per day my portion would still only be 1 coin per day minus fee I would actually lose out on potential earnings. Maybe someone has some info that can prove my thoughts on this wrong.

Not being able to log in without re-registering it looks like TEK would be the only coin I currently hold that I could use on the site. @yuckotheclown80 can you log in and tell me if TEK is a coin that can be used for this purpose? If so I'll split my holdings and do a test.

Regardless of the outcome, thanks for sharing the info.

They are mining TEK.
But the amount of blocks they have found are 1.
(i think they have a low amount of tek at this moment)

I'm using NET / BEEZ and HYPER for mining.
Just to try things out.

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If someone is interested.
You can now mine at using POS mining.
You can use 26 different kind of coins.

@IceKohl maybe a new source of income for club hash ? :)

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Has anybody have any experience with the site ?
I want to use this, to forward my packages from the US.

I'm a big collector of Funko Pop Vinyls.
The thing is, a lot of store don't ship international or ask very high shipping rates.
And with this company i can use a US address and cheap shipping rates.
Also you can pay your shipping costs with bitcoin (so that's a plus :) )

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@IceKohl i send your share to your new DGB address

It's sad to see this go.
But this was the only way to save a bit of the investment.

I've made the last payment.
And every share earned 471,3 DGB :cry:

I want to thank everybody for there support and trust in this project.
And i'll be hanging around on this forum.

Thanks everybody

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So this is the plan that i had in mind.

  • Eobot
    Set the account on mining GHS 3.
    And on monday i'll be trading the GHS 3 for GHS 4 24 hours.
    To mine as much as doge as it can

  • Hashnest
    All the ghs will be sold on monday

  • Radium
    This will be staking until monday.
    And then i'll be selling all the radium that i hold

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This is a really hard decision.
But i'm pulling the plug, out of this project.

It's getting harder and harder to get any profit at all.
And the effort i have to put in.
It's not worth the time anymore.

Tomorrow i'll be posting the plan, to get the most profit out of everything.
And pay everybody on the 18th.

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